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New Colour on my Gretsch electromatik Jet Club. The original color was fire bird red. my guitar had an accident and for the colour repair i ordered this colour. Next modification maybe the Pick ups! any Idia about that? maybe PAF such vintage blues Seymour Duncan! becouse of the Humbucker holes!


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I like your new color. Regarding humbucker mount pickups, TVJ makes Classic, Classic Plus and others. Seth Lovers are held in high regard. You may also be able to find PRS pickups used on the web. Good luck.
Hey there... I think I might be getting scammed. Thought someone should know. I am not falling for it but there might be others.
Marcus King signed last night...What a musician this kid is!


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Hi, just posting for the first time, thanks for letting me come aboard. StaySafe
Jim Krause
Jim Krause
Welcome. I'm new here, too. But not to Gretsch guitars.
I bought a streamliner club pro jr with humbuckers. This lil guitar rocks guys no doubt!! I know I got the name incorrect but it’s close. I absolutely love this lil single cut especially for the price at 260 bucks approximately. The one major problem that I can’t deal with are the cheap tuners that they installed stock. Why??? I’d gladly paid a few more bucks to have stable tuning. I want to replace. Size anyone?
I took a walnut finish 2420 and converted to an old 6120...BEAUTIFUL GUITAR
When you say something like that, you're really supposed to post a picture, you know
Just purchased a new Gretsch Honey Dipper that was returned for a finish blemish and then the cone and bridge disappeared!
I bought a remake of a 1962 country classic and I am having a real problem with intonation and sometimes keeping in tune.
I need some serious advice as to whether I can fix the intonation and if I can what should I do. Can you ever fix the two high strings to intonate with the floating bridge? Can you install a compensating bridge without taking off the bigsby?
Hey there Henry. I lived in Petaluma from 1943 until 1958, attended the old Petaluma High School, and learned to play guitar there. I own a 1973 Gretsch that was made in Boone Arkansas by the temporary factory Gretsch had while transitioning to being owned by Baldwin. Nice to hear that someone else from Petaluma plays a Gretsch.
Very cool to hear from you! We are recent transplants, moved here in 2008. great place for our family.
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After a stroke I am back to learn Guitar and made myself a present " Gretsch 5622t "