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Marcus King signed last night...What a musician this kid is!


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Hi, just posting for the first time, thanks for letting me come aboard. StaySafe
Jim Krause
Jim Krause
Welcome. I'm new here, too. But not to Gretsch guitars.
I bought a streamliner club pro jr with humbuckers. This lil guitar rocks guys no doubt!! I know I got the name incorrect but it’s close. I absolutely love this lil single cut especially for the price at 260 bucks approximately. The one major problem that I can’t deal with are the cheap tuners that they installed stock. Why??? I’d gladly paid a few more bucks to have stable tuning. I want to replace. Size anyone?
I took a walnut finish 2420 and converted to an old 6120...BEAUTIFUL GUITAR
When you say something like that, you're really supposed to post a picture, you know
Just purchased a new Gretsch Honey Dipper that was returned for a finish blemish and then the cone and bridge disappeared!
I bought a remake of a 1962 country classic and I am having a real problem with intonation and sometimes keeping in tune.
I need some serious advice as to whether I can fix the intonation and if I can what should I do. Can you ever fix the two high strings to intonate with the floating bridge? Can you install a compensating bridge without taking off the bigsby?
Hey there Henry. I lived in Petaluma from 1943 until 1958, attended the old Petaluma High School, and learned to play guitar there. I own a 1973 Gretsch that was made in Boone Arkansas by the temporary factory Gretsch had while transitioning to being owned by Baldwin. Nice to hear that someone else from Petaluma plays a Gretsch.
Very cool to hear from you! We are recent transplants, moved here in 2008. great place for our family.
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After a stroke I am back to learn Guitar and made myself a present " Gretsch 5622t "