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These fit my G6120 Hot Rod? Being you said you might not have the posts, do they work with the stock posts? Still have the silver one? Thanks ed
“Take my advice and live for a long, long time. Because the maddest thing a man can do in this life is to let himself die.”
New Colour on my Gretsch electromatik Jet Club. The original color was fire bird red. my guitar had an accident and for the colour repair i ordered this colour. Next modification maybe the Pick ups! any Idia about that? maybe PAF such vintage blues Seymour Duncan! becouse of the Humbucker holes!


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I like your new color. Regarding humbucker mount pickups, TVJ makes Classic, Classic Plus and others. Seth Lovers are held in high regard. You may also be able to find PRS pickups used on the web. Good luck.
Hey there... I think I might be getting scammed. Thought someone should know. I am not falling for it but there might be others.

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