Your Perfect Sound

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Have you ever achieved your perfect sound?

  1. Yes, it was a snap.

  2. Yes, but it was an epic odessey.

  3. No, but I heard that there was a new pedal out there that I’m sure will get me there.

  4. The “perfect sound” is an impossible dream.

  5. I have yet to identify my “perfect sound”.

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  1. S.R.Cash

    S.R.Cash Gretschie

    Aug 29, 2019
    Ontario, Canada
    Settings change slightly obviously with the environment, but a crystal clear slapback and a reverb I can take 90% of the trails out always gets me there.
  2. ruger9

    ruger9 Country Gent

    Nov 1, 2008
    alternate poll option:

    Yes, frequently, but it depends on the day.
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  3. I have often had a “prefect sound” while dilly dallying during some practice time. Then the next time i use the same guitar through the same amp set up and its dead sounding. If the mechanics cant break or change that quickly, then it has to be me. Ive discovered that if I’m in the mood to create and practice, things sound great, magical. But if i have to play for some reason, its not always magical. Using the Spock logic, its has to be me and not the gear. Maybe i need to start drinking and it will always sound good to acceptable. My wife says it sounds good no matter what, but she on occasions is listening to her French Freund’s advice Chardonnay.
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  4. BFTmarshall

    BFTmarshall Synchromatic

    Jan 12, 2020
    Due to an accident was forced in caretaker role for 5 years. The gear binge was massive. Every single amp & guitar ever wanted to try.

    This year.. got Marshall JCM800 & paired it with a Mesa Triple Recto L&R in the mix. Bam !! no pedals no nothing ..strait in, 2 great areas in the mix that an Ampeg SVT is the platform to,

    The guitars are Dean V with SD Screamin Demon bridge & Gibson Firebird 500t

    For 3 months now.. plug & play & they are set exactly at band level to the drums. From practice to stage..consistent, have been dumping so much gear & it feels liberating ..especially on the creative side..

    ds 21 a (2).jpg SVT stack.jpg
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  5. BFTmarshall

    BFTmarshall Synchromatic

    Jan 12, 2020
    No doubt !! my spot to retreat after public badgering all day

    yard crosses.jpg
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  6. Robbie

    Robbie Friend of Fred

    Jun 17, 2013
    Sarnia Ontario Canada
    I found over the years the fewer effects I went through the easier it was/is to find a sound I really like.
    For my personal taste my best sound, and where I am happiest, is my guitar direct into my amplifier. The more effects beyond reverb and tremolo I add the more complicated getting a good sound becomes.
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  7. BarryMClark

    BarryMClark Country Gent

    Apr 4, 2011
    I'll find perfect sounds for the moment. Meaning that, for whatever I'm working with and trying to achieve, I'll find something I'm very happy with for that. ...but it may not work on the next thing I do.
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  8. Synchro

    Synchro The artist formerly known as: Synchro Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2008
    Admin Post
    Agreed. I am not a tone chaser, in any sense of the word. I can roughly emulate the sounds of some players, but trying to nail someone else’s tone is a waste of time and effort.
    In my opinion, your personal sound is the perfect sound.
    Agreed. The perfect Country sound is not the perfect Rock sound, etcetera. I find that my perfect sounds have a fair amount of commonality, but are tailored to the genre. I definitely would use less reverb and delay for Jazz than I would for Rockabilly or Surf.
    Two good points there.

    No matter which amp I’m using, I tend to gravitate towards a common ground. My amps fall into three basic groups:
    • Fender Blackface
    • Fender Brownface
    • Vox
    However, the sound I shoot for is fairly similar between the three. The Blackface sound has more in the way of highs and lows with less in the way of mids. The Brownface has more mids and less prominent highs. The Vox sort of splits the difference, having a bright sound, without the piercing highs of a Blackface, but without the grainy midrange of the Brownface.

    Of course, everything changes in a band setting.

    In the case of the sound I was working with last night, there were only two effects involved. Actually, most of my perfect sounds involve these two effects, occasionally adding a third effect or, possibly, just changing settings in those two effects.

    For example, a delay can be used as an in your face slapback or a more subtle approach where it simply expands the sound, slightly.
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  9. Teledriver

    Teledriver Synchromatic

    Feb 12, 2011
    Iowa City, IA
    Couldn't vote, because it's somewhere between 'it was a snap' and 'an epic journey'.
    Like some others here, what sounds great today might sound flat or shrill tomorrow. And that is just with one guitar and amp. I may jump from a Tele to my Les Paul, then my Gretsch all in one sitting. Those settings on guitar 1 are gonna sound different for guitar 2 and 3.
    I enjoy the 'tube channel 'That Pedal Show', there's always some insightful stuff I pick up from them. Every time I play, even without any pedals, I still explore the volume and tone controls, and how they change the sound from an amp with or without gain and how EQ affects things, etc. Throw in some pedals and it's nice to investigate tone and volume with a boost, or roll-off, etc. There's even the question of using a pick or not.

    So yeah, not a snap as I've found it many times, but an on-going evolution of taste and guitar and amp and pedals. And mood.
  10. blueruins

    blueruins Country Gent

    May 28, 2013
    Savannah, GA
    I have not played enough on a big stage to have real “perfect sound”. I have great tone at home with a silverface Champ through a 2x12 cab in stereo with an Egnater Tweaker 15 with and additional 12” cab.
    I have a great fuzz pedal in the Blackout Musket. And a couple super versatile gain pedals in the Barber Gain Changer and the Mojo Hand Odessa. Those give me all the ranges of dirt to cover every style I enjoy at home.
    I have a feeling it wouldn’t cut it with a live drummer but I’ll probably never know.
    The Champ is a great, great sounding amp for me when paired with Celestions. It is not a classic Fender tone as it is class A and yet it retains a lot of that character. Very warm and big sound for my situation.
    Next year is amp year though so I’ll start venturing out if I’m able.
  11. loudnlousy

    loudnlousy Gretschified

    Oct 18, 2015
    I found my perfect sound many, many years ago. I am still working on making it more comfortable to play.
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  12. Ricochet

    Ricochet Senior Gretsch-Talker

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    No. I’m too limited in my skills and aspiration as a player to have a sound, let alone a perfect one. I have fun looking though. There is always that pedal…:)
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  13. stevo

    stevo Friend of Fred

    May 1, 2012
    I have no perfect sound, but I gravitate toward certain guitar sounds that I hear and like. I have too many overdrives, each with a different flavor. I rotate these to fit a certain sound I'm emulating. I never sound exactly like what I'm emulating, but I do like to get as close as possible with what I have.
  14. G5422T

    G5422T Country Gent

    May 24, 2012
    For me, it's like chasing a rainbow.

    I just keep at it. Some days I'm very close, other days I see it just fade away.
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  15. Setzerhotrod

    Setzerhotrod Country Gent

    Oct 26, 2011
    Anchorage Alaska
    I agree. That’s why I sound better to me after a month of not playing.
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  16. Setzerhotrod

    Setzerhotrod Country Gent

    Oct 26, 2011
    Anchorage Alaska
    Favorite smell: clean air
    Favorite flavor: pure water
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  17. Back in Black

    Back in Black Country Gent

    Jun 22, 2020
    Ontario Canada

    I have a sound I like, modified VOX AC30, with top boost/Jangle Box/Ric 370 RM.

    Not epic, or astounding, but I really like it.

    I didn't vote, there wasn't a category there that I found suitable.



    IMG_1315.JPG DSCF1325.JPG DSCF1337.JPG
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  18. dougmon

    dougmon Synchromatic

    Jan 9, 2013
    Some days I have my perfect [fill in genre here] sound, but the next Maybe one day I'm picking just perfectly, and then next day too hard. Maybe one day I'm playing lightly enough, and on the next day...too lightly. The only thing I know is that a P-90 is part of that sound.
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  19. Pine Apple Slim

    Pine Apple Slim Country Gent

    Dec 14, 2011
    North Alabama
    I don’t think it’s really possible to define or maintain. I’m certainly not a perfect player so it’s always gonna sound like me no matter the equipment. That said, most days my Falcon, some Nocturne, and my Carr Rambler sound pretty darn good.
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