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    It's about the show. It’s not a new phenomenon, the busby Berkeley shows did the same thing. If you’re paying 200 for a show many really don’t want to see Ed Sheeran stepping on looper pedals. (Though a lot did. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere). And remember it’s not a rock thing. The big rock bands rely on lights and graphics. It’s the pop and hip hop shows that have the dancing and dancing is integral to both.
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    I stumbled across a you-tube piece on Ted Cassidy the other day - the guy that played Lurch. He did a ton of voice-over work and dozens of guest spots on shows as varied as I Dream of Jeannie, Bonanza, Mannix, The Beverly Hillbillies and The Six Million Dollar Man.

    Who knew! Ha!

    Everybody probably knows this guy - from Star Trek. That's Ted ...


    Now back to our regular scheduled programming ...
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  4. MentalTossFlycoon

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    When it comes to dancing, for my money nobody beats Fred Astaire. You can watch any of his movies and tell he must have spent countless hours honing his craft to perfection.
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    Salma's on the cover of this month's AARP magazine. My, how times change!


    She still looks great in my book, but ... from snakedance to old folks. Quite a shift! :rolleyes:
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    Rock shows didn't always feature graphics and lights. Thank the Grateful Dead for a lot of that (and fireworks after outdoor shows!). Pink Floyd was another proponent---"Pulse" is one of the best takes on lights and and video that I've ever seen. Both of those groups set the standard for visuals FX. Psychedelia brought all of that on. When I started out as a stagehand back in the '60s, there were no huge light shows, no mountains of speakers. Shows were under $5, too. I'm old enough to remember the Cavalcade of Stars bus tours---25 bands in 4 hours. Bare stages, tiny PAs (furnished by the venue), and bands used the same amps and drums (so no reset time). Things became much like other endeavors---it's all about the spectacle, not as much about the music.
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  8. afire

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    MC Skat Kat, of course.
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    “What are little girls made of?”
    Probably my favorite episode of ST. It borrows a lot of lore from the writings of HP Lovecraft.
    Cassidy also did a few other voices on Trek, most notably, Gorn!
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    More of Ted Cassidy, doing The Lurch dance.

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    What I like about performance arts, aside from the ephemerality, is that they are or can be participatory. Dancing is a way to connect with the music and the artist. Some musicians, like Michael Jackson though I wish I could think of a less troublesome example, are as connected to music through dancing than singing or playing an instrument.

    Dancing is also the best evidence that someone is really, actually, enjoying the music.
  12. thunder58

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    Admin Post
    And the classic ..... The original " Dancing Machine " Micheal
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    Indeed. I just re-watched that video before you posted it.
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    That's the stuff there!
    I commuted to LA/Hollywood weekly for a couple of years. Bored at times I went to a bar in the Valley and Deke Dickerson was playing. I had never heard of him. The place was packed and rockin big time and all the girls had those skirts and everyone was swing dancing. It was darn cool.
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  15. GVDobler

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    I always liked the Goldigger dancers on the Dean Martin show.

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