Wanted WTB most pimped out big box Nocturne Brains

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade Negotiations' started by Hamoftruth, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. Hamoftruth

    Hamoftruth Electromatic

    Mar 16, 2017
    I know this is a bit of a long shot but if anybody has any early big box Atomic Brains decked out with sparkly finishes and specifically pinstripes, I'd love to get my mitts on them. Examples of dream aesthetics pictured below. :cool:
    (and yes, I know I'm selling an old one. It doesn't have the pinstripes, which I want)

    6069-1287337529-eedc98875377d4e6b2983d4b0801bfbb.jpg Atomic Brain.jpg.540x540_q85_autocrop.jpg AtomicBrain-1.jpg
    Luchador Lemon Sparkle outside.jpg s7302712.jpg
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  2. Hamoftruth

    Hamoftruth Electromatic

    Mar 16, 2017
    :eek: gorgeous. Available perchance?
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  3. cowmoo

    cowmoo Country Gent

    Aug 19, 2011
    North Wales
    Pm’d you!
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  4. Scott

    Scott Country Gent

    Jun 27, 2008
    Winston-Salem, NC

    According to the original box, this was number 55 in the series. The finish is snow globe, with some pinstriping on the sides. I bought it at least 10 years ago...
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  5. TV the Wired Turtle

    TV the Wired Turtle Gretschified

    Jul 25, 2009
    so cal

    bottom two on the right belong to Brian Setzer, bottom left belongs to Darryl Higham (imelda may band), top left belongs to my 2 tours of duty in iraq buddy, Jimmy Bowers.
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  6. Hamoftruth

    Hamoftruth Electromatic

    Mar 16, 2017
    Well, go and crush all my dreams then o_O
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