Worst Musical Advice Ever Received


I Bleed Orange
Apr 9, 2014
To Think about the theory in everything .....

There are plenty of people that always Think in a very scientific way about what they're playing and want to understand everything.

I Think this takes away Feeling, i'm very opposite to that.
I can tell you what key it is what i'm playing but not much more than that and it works perfectly fine for me
People feel in different ways. I find knowledge "spiritual", whether about music or physics. The whole idea of ignorance being somehow advantageous seems silly to me but that appears to be on the rise these days


May 25, 2022
New York
I don’t know why I thought of this just this morning but when I started college in 1967, the music faculty wanted me to be a music major. I wanted to major in biology and minor in chemistry or physics. The inducement to major in music was that they could guarantee me a spot in the Air Force Band when I graduated. Think back to what was going on in ‘67. I wanted the sciences and thought my odds of dodging hostile fire would be greater as a teacher.

Good advice ignored? IDK. I didn’t want to become a professional tuba player but I didn’t want to be a teacher either. Drawing Selective Service lottery number 318 obviated the need to do anything I didn’t want to do and it kept me safely in school. I retired last year as an engineering manager specializing in nonlinear optics for million dollar microscopes. I did all right for myself. But I wonder how life might have turned out had I become a professional tuba player or music teacher.

Time has direction. It’s actually a vector quantity. You can’t go back but you can still wonder about the what ifs.


Friend of Fred
May 4, 2016
Peculiar, Missouri
I had a crushingly bad experience at a young age and gave up on music. In my 40's, I began playing an acoustic guitar, and that opened me up to music again, and lead me to begin playing electric guitars. That lead to to another passion from my youth - the drums. All of this happened as I went through a career change into ministry.

So, here's the bad advice that I got from someone in my church. "Bob, you need to decide whether you want to be a pastor, or a church music director."

I ignored that advice, and eventually began to have opportunities to play in churches. Most of my playing in church has been on an acoustic-electric, but I did get together with other musician pastors to form a basement band, where I played drums, and this band even had a few "gigs" at other churches. I also was a member of a church praise band, in order to get things started, and I was with them until I retired. To this day (in what I now call my semi-retirement), the church I serve still asks me to play and sing from time to time, and I will be playing guitar and singing on this coming Sunday.


Friend of Fred
Dec 27, 2017
Santa Cruz
Lol reminds me of one of my favorite Phish lines, "Whatever you do; take care of your shoes." We all agreed this was very wise.

Re socks though. Reminds me of the fashion accessory test of turning to look at yourself in the mirror quickly and taking odd the accessory that you see first.

For men, generally someone noticing your socks means a faux pas. Think white socks with a dark suit, or wearing black socks with white sneakers. aside from colors, someone seeing your socks may mean your pants are too short and, for a young man, may imply you are too poor to buy new pants.

Unless of course you are Michael Jackson, wearing socks you really want people to see, or making a fashion statement (e.g. ankle length pants were in for a while).

But this Harold guy sounds hilarious.

I was sent home one day from high school as a freshman because my Levi's were to short and I had sock gap. My leg showed between the top of the socks and the bottom of my jeans. It was of course my way cool SoCal surfer look, short faded jeans, tennis shoes and white socks pushed down.



Feb 11, 2013
I think I win for the worse advice received.
You should take that vintage Strat of yours and route the pickup holes so you can put humbuckers in there and while you are at it install a Floyd Rose trem and string locks on the neck. It will be awesome !!


Sep 18, 2012
Bagsville, Oxford UK
....'Music out of tune is bad music but music out of time is just noise'.

What ? Are you serious ? I am a disciple of the sonic apocalypse. I have no time for such trifles as being in time OR playing in tune.....just so long as it's LOUD. !!!


Jul 26, 2020
People feel in different ways. I find knowledge "spiritual", whether about music or physics. The whole idea of ignorance being somehow advantageous seems silly to me but that appears to be on the rise these days
I'm not trying to be ignorant, it's not that i neceserally hate music theory...
It's just instead of intellectually understanding something i'd rather embrace it, feel it and live the music.

With me i had noticed if i Think a Lot while playing it just doesn't work.

In the end it doesn't Matter what approach you have as long as it turns out good imo.
So if knowlege makes you feel good more Power to you 😀


Friend of Fred
Jul 20, 2017
South Dakota
People feel in different ways. I find knowledge "spiritual", whether about music or physics. The whole idea of ignorance being somehow advantageous seems silly to me but that appears to be on the rise these days
When I lived in Bictorville Inworked for a medical company fixing medical equipment all across Riverside and San Bernardino even into Orange and La. The saying we had was knowledge is power and bleach is your friend!

Please keep the bleach away from your instruments!

Baba Joe

Feb 17, 2010
new jersey
My Dad wanted me to play accordion in a polka band.

A buddy's polka band always had gigs at Polish weddings. Free food, free drinks, and cute Polish girls everywhere, and got paid for it. Not as bad as I thought.
I can’t knock the accordion. Nils Lofgren started off on it and has done pretty well for himself. Still uses it.