Why do I need an Acoustic?

Discussion in 'Gretsch "Roots" Acoustic Forum' started by Randy99CL, Sep 16, 2021.

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    Yes you can't hide mistakes, George Harrison was also an acoustic Player, as well as Eric Clapton. And according to what Eric Clapton told me his first guitar was an "American Kay"...the only difference was that he COULD play it well,....me not even close. As painful as it was to hear him play my beat up Kay, it set my vision to work a lot on my acoustic technique before moving up to an electric. The advice was priceless!
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    YOU DO NOT NEED AN ACOUSTIC. YOU NEED AN ELECTRIC BASS :) Just got one not sure why, looks good with my 13 electrics. LOL

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    I never thought much of acoustics, I thought the high action on the less expensive models limited playabilty and thereby restricted what styles were accessible. But then I got a Yamaha FG800 (under $200) and shaved the saddle to lower the action. I put on a light set I bought as individual strings .09-.12-.18w-.24w-32w-42w in bronze to increase the tone whilst making it easy on my elderly hands. That little bit of mods went a long way. It's not perfect, but it gets pretty close to the action of a good electric. And the sound is outstanding. YamahaBird.jpg
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    Oh, man, I was worried about the wrong guy. I thought it would be @Runamok making the jokes.
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    It's always the ones you least expect!
    Just like the Spanish Inquisition!

    I can't use most of the sheep jokes I know here.
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  6. You didn’t suspect Wabash?
    That’s stooping too low, even for me. ;)
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    Excuse me?
  8. :rolleyes: I guess those should have been separate paragraphs.
    :D Ball is in your court.

    Can we get a chess clock?
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    Don’t make me turn this car around!
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    Ball? Court?
    I hate tennis.
  11. You stymied me here. There’s usually a couple of places to take it & all I can think of is tripping over annette to shake hands after I win. :cool: :rolleyes:

    Hey, is the court / chess reference a mixed metaphor?

    People acoustic adverse should not think of it as an acoustic guitar.
    Call it “going off the grid.”
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    Ya just do! Jeez....
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    OK, there is a ton of incredible acoustic guitar songs that I love, some of the best songs ever preformed! I do love the sound of a good acoustic guitar. Many of the greatest players have released acoustic material.
    But my voice sucks and I am too old to learn to sing so the singer-songwriter or folksinger things don't interest me.

    When I first held my Les Paul or Strats or Teles or Gretsches I got excited and said "yeah this is what I want!."
    But I've never held an acoustic that made me feel that way.

    I got a cheap acoustic guitar for xmas when I was a teen and it had the bent neck with crazy-high action that made it painfully unplayable. I gave up on it instead of getting another or trying to adjust the neck but that was over 50 years ago.

    But yes, I just ordered myself an acoustic guitar! Well, kindof, LOL. I ordered the black Jim Dandy that MF has on sale for $150. I'm laughing because it is almost like a toy guitar, tiny and somewhat limited but the reviews are fantastic! Seems that everyone loves them as a blues guitar and they do sound fantastic, almost exactly like the oldest recordings. Great for slide too.
    Jack Fossett really likes his and was the first of many great reviews I found.
    Gretsch Guitars G9520 Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar Black | Musician's Friend (musiciansfriend.com)
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  14. jackfossett

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    Jul 17, 2019
    How do you like it?

    I agree very much with the “toy guitar” description - just as long as it’s emphasized that it’s in a good, charming way. They’re so much fun. I got my hands on a Gin Rickey too and that one is a blast in an entirely different way with the pickup.
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    Mar 25, 2017
    That is the prettiest sub $200 I've seen in a long while. Love the inlays
  16. Combining speed chess & ping pong.
    Just add a chess clock you need to strike after your play.

    btw, “excuse me?” inspired answer.
    The flourish at the end of a signature.
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  17. Randy99CL

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    Feb 17, 2020
    Hi Jack!
    That Jim Dandy is amazing! It sounds fantastic, much fuller range than I expected and the amount of sustain is surprising!
    There is no cheapness anywhere in the feel, finish or sound even though it is so inexpensive. It is shockingly good for the money.
    I love it; easy to play, sounds great, I keep it always out ready to play.
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