Why do I need an Acoustic?

Discussion in 'Gretsch "Roots" Acoustic Forum' started by Randy99CL, Sep 16, 2021.

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    Or a Guild!
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    You also need a nylon guitar to play when going out of a long bath or shower or washing the dishes and your fingers are too soft to press steel strings.
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    Admin Post
    What's a Guild ? :p
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    Put an acoustic pickup in one of your current guitars (hollow but solid works) then run that output to an acoustic amp and you'll have the tones.

    Otherwise, the only reason to have an acoustic is to take it camping or to the beach to play with friends by the campfire. So make sure to only get a cheap acoustic, and pay 'your guitar tech' to level the frets and do a great setup so it plays easy.

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    Oh…well that makes more sense.

    I wouldn’t purchase an acoustic just for finger strength or the like. Maybe there’s an argument for an acoustic training you to fret more conscientiously because you will be more aware of improperly fretted chords and notes not ringing out?

    Still, if you’re only interested in electric, I would learn to play electric and not worry about acoustic.

    Unless you have a teacher you trust telling you otherwise? In that case I would follow the advice of your teacher and not some random bot like me on the Internet.
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  7. 1588 posts in a year is pretty active for a beginner.

    Maybe the teachers get a kickback from the store. :eek: Who are the “quite a few?” Is this online?

    What string spacing/neck on your electric? An A is harder?
    You can keep them in the same gauge ballpark. Struggling to “build up your arms & hands” is a gradual process no matter what you start with. I think its easier to be sloppy on an electric early on. Maybe the teacher is telling you something in a roundabout way, or merely expounding at length.

    No idea your age.
    Start by immersing yourself in acoustic guitar music you like & see if you can produce anything sounding like it on electric. You have decide for yourself where you want to take it.

    If you can afford a decent acoustic guitar, there are organic nuances that cannot be replicated on an electric. Easy to resort to a wall of sound to drown out mistakes without much in the way of dynamics if you start on electric. On an acoustic you are more likely going to listen to yourself closely (imo) vs just trying not to sound too jarring on a guitar with an amp.

    You can begin with lighter strings on acoustic, depending on what guitar you get.
    I can’t imagine starting on a dreadnought, however. But I don’t like them — which colors my opinion. (If I needed a lifeboat on the Titanic, I’d go with a gitarone). Lightening strings on a dreadnought… seem to sound too thin & reedy on a D.
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  8. I remember those from the Wizard of Oz.

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    For electric players that want to give acoustic a go ... Fender

    But anyway, really, a good acoustic that has a sound and feel that you admire is useful for many things. Backup, rhythm when you're singing, songwriting, open mic's, jams with other writers ... stick some money in the strings and get the Johnny Cash vibe going ...
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  10. Perhaps the teacher(s) under discussion speak in riddles:
    The Sound of One Hand Strumming. :D
    I hasten to remind one & all: El Kabong did his best work on acoustic.
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    A Martin's equal.
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  12. Get a Maccaferri G-40 with nylon strings & you can go one better: playing it IN the shower.
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    Oh well then, go ahead and ruin your hands!
    Have you even seen Angus Young play acoustic guitar?
    That would be boring!
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    You should gib son credit to other brand, too.
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  15. afire

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    You only need an acoustic if you need to project without an amp, or need that tone for a recording or performance. If neither of those apply, then you don't need an acoustic. I have a cheap one that I never play, but I really don't need one either. I wouldn't mind having a nice one (Marting HD-28VS or Gibson Advanced Jumbo), and have in the past, but at some point I made the decision that all of my gear dollars go strictly towards getting the "best" of things I actually need.
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  16. Cherries without stones, chickens without bones.
    No matter what guitar—(wistfully) they don’t write songs like that anymore.

    Imagine what Christmas morning must have been like.

    Had this been done on an electric, Belushi would have been Hendrix.
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    Great question, do you need an acoustic, that depends on your own vision of what success, and your goals are going to be for you.

    As NJ Devil alluded to, the acoustics are not very forgiving when developing fundamentals. When I played in the Studio, fundamentals and sight reading were mandatory. Playing an acoustic was never out of the question even though I was typically asked to play an electric.

    My son wanted to be a music major. Having strong fundamentals is a requirement for playing classical music. I am NOT saying that you cannot develop good fundamentals on electric, because it is possible.

    The pickups, or no pickup in an acoustic lend themselves to giving you clear feedback instantly. Distortion and chorus on any guitar can alter the sound enough that it may be difficult to find why that sound to seems to be "off".

    If you do decide that you want to play acoustic, please, please, please. please get it setup. You don't want to suffer working with a guitar with high action, poor intonation, and dead areas on the fret board. You do not need an high dollar acoustic to become part of the acoustic crowd, some will tell you that you need to spend thousands. We have a $120 Yamaha that was set up, it plays and sounds wonderful, and playing it causing no fatigue.

    If you have arthritis, or hand concerns, an acoustic is more taxing.

    Recommending an acoustic to my students in the past, brings typical comments when switching to an electric later. I frequently heard, "this tele almost plays itself".
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    I think of it as a different instrument really. It sounds different. It feels different against your body. It plays differently under the fingers ( both hands). So i find that i write and play differently on an accoustic. There are things that i write on an accoustic that become transformed (for better or for worse) when i transfer them to my electric guitars. I CAN play a hollow body unplugged, but its not the same as playing my accoustic which is an invitation to play in a different way.
    I learned to play (began the lifelong journey of learning to play) on a bad accoustic and it built up good finger strength but it didnt sound good. Its no surprise that its easier to sound good and play well on a better instrument. But we are famously naughty enablers here on the forum. Maybe you dont actually need one. I just know that i do. Im off this afternoon for a weekend alone (a kind gift from mrs mbkri) and my accoustic is going with.
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  19. Suddenly this all makes sense…
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    Silent Night was first performed on a gut string guitar.

    I have a steel string, and a nylon string classical as well. Classical guitars are great to work on your fingerpicking chops. Totally different animal than a steel string.

    As a keyboard player, I play piano as well as organ. I've played pipe organs, calliopes, and harpsichords. They're all the same, but different. Don't limit yourselves.
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