Who has the MOST Recognizable Guitar Sound?


Aug 30, 2017
Some good choices but more recognizable than Jimi friggen Hendrix or that very distinct Santana sound, I think not. It’s not recognizable it’s most recognizable. Just my opinion.

PBO Blues

Aug 28, 2016
Chatham County, NC
My votes - one well-known, the other not so much.

Mark Knopfler

(The guy shown in the video isn't playing lead!)

((A dirty thought: In the lyric "How come I get a hard time honey when it comes to you?" replace time with on. :D)

Sonny Landreth (who I'm seeing in April)

Knofler jumped immediately to mind and you're spot on with Landreth.
Jimmy Vaughan (easier than his brother who has dozens of imitators), Eric Johnson, Santana, and B.B. are close on their heels.

I swear, I can identify an artist/band more quickly by a guitar lick than a voice. My wife doesn't understand that at all.
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Back in Black

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Jun 22, 2020
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Rick Beato discusses whose guitar sound is most recognizable.

Whose guitar sound can you most quickly recognize, even on songs you don't know?


All very distinctive for sure, but I really think we all started paying attention to that ''special'' guitar sound when Roger, then, Jim McGuinn appeared on the scene.

So much more than just loud noise!

Attached a nice early photo of Roger and Ric!



Roger and Ric.jpg
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