Who are your influences?

Discussion in 'Fred's Barcalounge' started by Stan, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Quietly

    Quietly Banned

    Jul 31, 2009
    Possibly every guitarist I have listened to but the ones that really hit all my buttons are or were:-

    Andrés Segovia
    John Williams
    Jango Reinhardt
    Joe Pass
    Hank Marvin
    Peter Green
    David Kossof
    Jeff Beck
    Eric Clapton (Yeh I know but he has had so much radio/TV play he just has to be an influence)

    I will listen to any style of guitar including Flamenco and just quietly flip my lid.
  2. Michiel

    Michiel Friend of Fred

    Jul 29, 2009
    The Netherlands
    My musical soul? I guess that's mostly beyond guitar players for me.
    I've been a long time fan of Jean Michel Jarre (synth-guy) and the Beatles in my teens.
    As well as an obscure swiss duo called Diethelm and Famulari (synth/guitar).
    Later influences; Moloko, Jamiroquai, Joe Beck and Dutch trumpet player Eric Vloeimans have been key groups and performers for me.
    And I just started in a Charles Mingus jazz workshop that I find hugely inspiring.

    As for my guitar soul; Harry Sacksioni (Dutch guitar player), Santino Famulari, George Harrison and Joe Beck have been mayor inspirators. And more recently Joe Pass and Tal Farlow cought my attention.
  3. gigatron

    gigatron Country Gent

    Oct 9, 2008
    I love listening to great guitarists, not matter what style they are playing in, such as Clapton, Hendrix, Beck Gilmour, Blackmore, Walsh, etc., but I don't feel any desire to play in those styles (any more). The palyers I've been trying to learn from over the last couple of years are Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, and Steve Stills. Lately I've been listening to jazz/blues players including Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, and Freddie King, and would love to get a band together to play some of that stuff, but so far have not been able to find anyone here to play with. I'd also love to get together with a singer to do duets like Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald and Barney Kessell and Julie London; I know a couple of girl singers, but they NEVER want to practice.
  4. Faber

    Faber Electromatic

    Aug 28, 2009
    my influences are :Malcolm Young , Keith Richards , Bo Diddley , Brian Setzer , Rich Robinson (black crowes) , Ace Frehley , Joe Perry , Billy Duffy...most of all rock n roll players
  5. Duo Gent

    Duo Gent Gretschie

    Jan 27, 2010

    I couldn't agree more. Going back a few years, Try the solo from "I Saw Her Standing There." :eek:

  6. Papa Dave

    Papa Dave Gretschie

    Aug 9, 2009
    North Alabama
    For guitar there would be George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Patrick Simmons, Chuck Berry, Billy Gibbons and sprinkle a little Brian Setzer in there.

    For bass it would be Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Tiran Porter, Jack Bruce and Berry Oakley.
  7. S Macp

    S Macp Country Gent

    Sep 6, 2009
    Glasgow, UK
  8. workknot

    workknot Country Gent

    Feb 15, 2009
    Brainerd, Minnesota
    The one and only sadly missed Chet Atkins, may he rest in peace.
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  9. MGllm

    MGllm Synchromatic

    Roger McGuin was certainly one of my important early influences. More so that George H at the time. I loved the 12 string from the moment I heard one. George would be a close 2nd. The G-tuned Keith Richards opened up a new world for me.
    Don Rich of the Buckeroos had a huge impact. I used to watch the Buck Owens show (before Hee Haw!) and marvel at Don's playing and harmony singing. Pure Tele goodness.
    As a contrast I loved Tom Scholtz's sound in Boston. It may be completely un-Gretschy but some days that highly processed tone appeals to me. I wished the Rockman gear was still available.
  10. MrKingBen

    MrKingBen Electromatic

    Apr 11, 2010
    Saarland, Germany
    My major influences?

    To name a few: Angus and Malcolm Young, Brian Setzer, Luther Perkins, Chet Atkins, George Harrison, Scotty Moore, Kuddel (he's the guitarplayer from Germany's Punkband "Die Toten Hosen"), Johnny Ramone, Joe Strummer, ...

    (to be continued :))
  11. William McGrath

    William McGrath Electromatic

    Apr 16, 2010
    New York
    There are so many favorites....from Chet Atkins to Django Reinhardt to Danny Gatton and so on. I am very fortunate that I had a guitar slingin' uncle who played a mean rockabilly guitar that influenced me so much. He taught me the basics and then some - rockabilly, country, blues....he also passed onto me a few incredible guitars and the a seriously comprehensive record collection. And he was super cool - long hair, tattoos, motorcycles - the whole nine. He definitely influenced me more than anyone else musically.

    I am also fortunate that I was able to to study and work with Ron Thal (of Bumblefoot and Guns 'n Roses). His level of musicianship is astonishing. He would routinely pick up a 3/4 size children's nylon string guitar off the wall of the guitar shop I worked in, tune it up, and play a Mozart symphony on it....while cracking jokes at the same time! He is also one of the kindest and humblest human beings I've ever met. His musical integrity was probably what influenced me the most though.
  12. Mark W

    Mark W Country Gent

    Jun 6, 2008
    Central Florida
    John Lennon (Rythm Guitar), Roy Orbison (Rythm) Steve Stills and Jorma Kaukonen.
  13. vulture

    vulture Banned

    Jun 26, 2010
    Tucson, AZ
    Neil Innes, Peter Green, William the conqueror & Apollo C. Vermouth...Vlad the impaler, John Cippolina, Spike Jones, Billy Byrd, Cliff Gallup, Gene Autry, Looney toons, Krazy Kat, Snoopy & his pals, Fats Waller, Smith & Wesson, Charlie Feathers, Mick Green, Richard Thompson, Gus McCray, Bill Shakespeare, Geronimo, an Italian doorstop, Elephant jokes, Skip James, Johnny Winter, Link Wray, the June Taylor dancers, Mexican food, Dave Edmunds, Moby Grape, Kingston Trio, Elvis, Dylan, Waylon, Ann Margret, Ernest & Julio Gallo, a picture of Shania Twain, Artie Shaw, the original Madonna, Barry Melton, Sgt. Julian, Clappers, Soupy Sales, Danny Kirwin, Roger the engineer, the cute girl that lived down the street when I was 17, motorcycles, my first, radio Luxemburg, Edward Turner, a 72' Gran Torino ...oh & world peace.

    in no particular order

    Oh yeah, The Flamin' Groovies & the Skillet Lickers!

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

    Oh yeah, all Dog Faces, Leathernecks, Swabbies & Flyboys.
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  14. ClassicalSmosh

    ClassicalSmosh Electromatic

    Apr 5, 2010
    East Texas
    Doyle Dykes, Chet Atkins, The Ventures, Andre Segovia, LAGQ, and the duotones (Paul Johnson and Gil Orr) to name a few.
  15. Holy Brother - there are so many...a lot have been mentioned but I'll add Tom Verlaine & Richard Lloyd to the mix as the first Television record had a huge impact on me, and Lou Reed and his work with the Velvet Underground. Cool stuff that I regularly play on my Gretsch!
  16. Hot Rod Michelle

    Hot Rod Michelle Country Gent

    May 9, 2009
    *Led Zeplin
    *The Stray Cats (Brian Setzer)
    *The Eagles
    *Bob Marley
    *The Cramps
    *The Ramones
    *The Clash
    *Social Distortion
    *The Beach Boys
    *Jan & Dean
    *Link Ray
    *Greatful Dead (Jerry Garcia)
    *Little River Band
    *Blood Sweat And Tears
    *Van Morrison
    *Buck Owens
    *Patsy Cline
    *Dwight Yokam
    *Texas Tornados
    *Freddy Fender
    *Allen Jackson
    *Wanda Jackson
    *Johny Cash
    *Gene Vincent
    *Elvis Presely
    *Chuck Berry
    *Sound Garden
    *Alice In Chains
    *Pearl Jam
    *Stone Temple Pilots
    *The Temptations
    *Smokey Robinson
    *Al Green
    *Tower Of Power
    *Ray Charles
    *B.B. King
    *Buddy Guy
    *Elmore James
    *Duke Ellington
    *Tommy Dorsey
    *Andrews Sisters
    *Glenn Miller
    *Perez Prado
    *Vincente Fernandez
    *Ramón Ayála
    *Trios Los Panchos
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  17. Farmerbrown

    Farmerbrown Gretschie

    Jun 23, 2008
    Elizabethtown, Ky
    Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Duane Eddy, Luther Perkins, Don Rich, Scotty Moore, Carl Perkins, and George Harrison for me.
  18. Bob, you shook Hoss's hand? Dang, I really ain't worthy!

    There's a bunch...with a young Mother and older female cousins, I fell in love with Rock & Roll when I was still practically crawlin'...all the greats from the mid-late 50's through the late 70's. Love some Blues and old Motown, as well.

    Some weren't that great (Sam Andrew) or weren't really known as guitarists (Allan Clarke) and really only influenced me with one song (Piece of My Heart, Long Cool Woman), but those are two of my very favorite guitar licks and songs, so they've a major impact.

    Sure I'm leaving some out, wasn't a fan of some of the legends, Beck, Malstrom, Vai etc.

    Not mentioned below, the likes of The Animals, Tommy James and the Shondells, Hermans Hermits, Paul Revere and the Raiders...

    Duane Allman
    Sam Andrew
    Chuck Berry
    Dickey Betts
    Ritchie Blackmore
    Lindsey Buckingham
    Toy Caldwell
    Allan Clarke
    Eric Clapton
    Allen Collins
    Jim Croce
    David Crosby
    Dave and Ray Davies
    Don Felder
    John Fogerty
    Peter Frampton
    Rory Gallagher
    Billy Gibbons
    David Gilmore
    George Harrison
    Jimi Hendrix
    Steve Howe
    Tony Iommi
    Brian Jones
    John Kay
    B. B. King
    John Lennon
    Alex Lifeson
    Paul McCartney
    Roger McGuin
    the Motor City Madman
    Graham Nash
    Rick Nielsen
    Jimmy Page
    Carl Perkins
    Les Paul
    Randy Rhoads
    Keith Richards
    Gary Rossington
    Carlos Santana
    Brian Setzer
    Kenny Wayne Shepherd
    Stephen Stills
    Mick Taylor
    Hughie Thomasson
    Pete Townshend
    Robin Trower
    Eddie Van Halen
    Jimmie Vaughan
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Joe Walsh
    Leslie West
    Brad Whitford
    Steve Winwood
    Angus Young
    Malcolm Young
    Neil Young
  19. collared_dove4

    collared_dove4 Gretschie

    Apr 13, 2010
    Luther perkins, Brian Setzer, Carl Perkins, Scotty Moore, Eddie Cochran and Buddy holly...Thats the most of it...atleast for now. :3
  20. beep.click

    beep.click Country Gent

    Apr 30, 2009
    Paul Weller
    Tom Verlaine
    George Harrison
    John Lennon
    Pete Townshend
    Keith Richards
    Bill Nelson

    I don't sound ANYTHING like these guys. Their influence was in how they fit the guitar into their songs.

    I always get the sense that their guitar works serves the song, and not vice versa.
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