Which amps for Rockabilly? Fender, Marshall questions

Discussion in 'Ampage Area' started by yoshiii, Nov 21, 2021.

  1. yoshiii

    yoshiii Electromatic

    Oct 25, 2019

    I want to start playing rockabilly so I want a amp that will get close to the Brain Setzer type of rockabilly/jazz.

    I have a Mesa Rectoverb 25. Since it is kind of Fendery in the clean channels, would this amp be good for it?

    What Fender amps besides a Bassman will be good to use? Blues Deluxe? Hotrod Deluxe? Super Sonic?

    Will Marshall amps get the sound close? SV 20?, DSL 40CR? Origin?

    Vox Ac15 c1?
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  2. wildeman

    wildeman I Bleed Orange

    May 10, 2015
    I would try to get it outta my Mesa, do you have a Mystery Brain pedal? Its that tone in a box, cheaper than buying a new amp too;)
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  3. Shock

    Shock Gretschie

    Sep 7, 2020
    I use Fenders mostly because of consistency and ease of use. I like the Deluxe with the Celestion speaker the most for tone. So I want to change out the speakers in one of my Twins for a matched pair of Celestions. Not much help to you, but my question is what are the best pair of speakers to replace stock Jensens with? I want a good rockabilly clean sound but still have a good bark for the rock and roll.
  4. I agree that the brain pedals do exactly that, and to most amplifiers with a clean channel.
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  5. nickurso

    nickurso Gretschified

    Dec 24, 2012
    New Orleans la.
    How’s the clean channel on the boogie? That and a mystery brain should get you close
  6. rcboals

    rcboals Country Gent

    Nov 21, 2008
    Springfield Oregon
    You should be able to get some very nice clean on channel one of your Mesa. All you need for rockabilly is a delay pedal for slapback. Don't over think rockabilly you have an amp that will work perfectly fine. Here is some rockabilly with my Mesa Boogie TransAtlantic.
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  7. Synchro

    Synchro The artist formerly known as: Synchro Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2008
    Admin Post
    If you want Setzer’s exact sound, I would agree with what GAD had to say: https://www.gad.net/Blog/2011/06/07/how-to-capture-brian-setzers-tone/ However, there is more to Rockabilly than Setzer’s sound, so it’s really your call. The Nocturne preamp can definitely help, if you want to replicate the RE 301’s preamp. Beyond that, I would say that a good cleanish amp with a bit of character and some delay will take you to a good place. I definitely would not rule out the Vox AC 15.
  8. BennytheJet

    BennytheJet Electromatic

    Dec 6, 2019
    Arlington, WA
    Rockabilly can be such a broad and narrow genre in terms of guitar sound. I bet you could coax some great tones out of your Mesa with a single coil or filtertron-equipped guitar. If you want something a little more traditional or vintage, however, a Fender or Vox amp with a single coil guitar will get you 98% of the way there with the rest to taste.

    I have a 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue that does the sound perfectly. I'm in the process of swapping it for the 68 Custom because it helps me get a little closer to that Setzer sound we're all chasing, which is more Setzer than rockabilly sometimes. And the love for Nocturne preamp is real. I love mine so much I basically sleep with it under my pillow. Don't sleep on a Peavey Classic 30 or Delta Blues, either. Those are great amps for rockabilly and will save you a few bucks.

    I suppose a smaller tube is the best approach, but Lucky Jones does most of his stuff using Quilter solid state gear, and it sounds great, so there you go. Heck, even my old digital Line 6 Flextone II got some great rockabilly tones.

    Lots of options out there. Best of luck!
  9. Henry

    Henry I Bleed Orange

    Apr 9, 2014
    That's one of the best combos our there imo. It'll do great for rockabilly, it doesn't need to be a specific amp. Rockabilly artists have played many types of amps . . . and honestly you have a better amp than most of them did.:cool:
  10. Henry

    Henry I Bleed Orange

    Apr 9, 2014
  11. Gretschtim1

    Gretschtim1 Country Gent

    Dec 4, 2012
    Dundalk, Md
    You can use a lot of different amps for rockabilly.
    I've used a Princeton, 65 Deluxe, Bandmaster, Bassman, AC30 and an Ampeg Gemini I. They all gave me very realistic rockabilly sounds.
    I think the Mesa you already have would work fine with the right speaker.
    Honestly I think it's more about the player than the equipment.
    I think people get hung up too much trying to get Brian Setzer's sound. Yeah Brian has a great sound but most of it is in his soul and his hands.
    Rockabilly is so much more than Just Brian's sound.
    There are so many of the original rockabilly guy's from the 50s that are over looked. Lots of those guys have great sounds. Guys like Carl Perkins, Scotty Moore, James Burton. Even George Harrison had some great moments (check out the 1985 Carl Perkins and Friends on youtube) George sounded great on that - both playing & tone wise.
    For me I'd rather hear the guys mentioned above over Brian Setzer any day of the week and I love Brian's playing.
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  12. swivel

    swivel Country Gent

    May 13, 2018
    I always think of a 1 x 15 for Rockabilly, not sure why. I've seen RaB guys using old Dano's like that etc.
    I was thinking a Delta Blues 1 x 15 would be a perfect lower volume RaB amp!
  13. loudnlousy

    loudnlousy Gretschified

    Oct 18, 2015
    You got a perfectly right allrounder. I would think that you should nail the sound that you are seaching for with just this amp
  14. BatmansGretsch

    BatmansGretsch Gretschie

    Dec 3, 2019
    Fender Tweed cranked.

  15. stevo

    stevo Friend of Fred

    May 1, 2012
    Do you want Setzer's exact sound or do you want really good Rockabilly? Setzer is a fairly specific sound that takes some effort to achieve including in your technique. But Rockabilly need not be Setzer's sound.

    Good video from RC Boals proves the point. Rockabilly has a fairly wide range that will sound good as long as you have a fairly clean amp and a twangy guitar.
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  16. TSims1

    TSims1 Gretschified

    Jun 18, 2013
    It even does it to solid state amps, or in my case…..a Strymon Iridium. Magic box the Mystery Brain? Yes. Yes it is.
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  17. Gretschtim1

    Gretschtim1 Country Gent

    Dec 4, 2012
    Dundalk, Md
    Yep I've heard some nice rockabilly guitar sounds come out of solid state amps. In my early days I played through a Kustom amp and then later through an Acoustic 135 transistor amp before switching to Fender tube amps. Maybe not as warm as a tube amp but still a pretty good sound.
    The circuits in the echoplex and Roland space echo tape units also added punch and fullness to those amps. I switched to tube amps mainly because the overdrive and distorted sounds didn't get it for me.
  18. BatmansGretsch

    BatmansGretsch Gretschie

    Dec 3, 2019
    For SS, a Roland Jazz Chorus.
  19. WingZero

    WingZero Electromatic

    Oct 21, 2021
    Québec City, Canada
    Just get a Milkman Amp :)

    I think you are looking for Celestion Blue speakers
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