When Did You Know You Were a Musician?

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  1. mrfixitmi

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    Mar 20, 2010
    After watching larryr's posted video, this is difficult to answer.

    I find that I am a hack. When I began playing String Bass at the age of 5 with the family polka band, I thought that it was fun. By the time I reached 10, I was given more "solo" parts, and the people appeared to like our music. I continued to play piano, 6 string guitar, and occasional banjo. When I was 13, we began to play on the weekly radio station Battle of the Bands. The top two Bands (based upon call in votes), would go on to next week, and three more bands were added. We had a winning streak for more than 28 weeks. We met many musicians who were trying to get play time from the DJs. I had this old "crappy" Kay acoustic with a warped neck, high action, and poor intonation, then my life changed. This guy with a British accent was watching us, and it appeared that he was looking at me...after we finished he asked if my guitar was an American Kay, I answered yes sir, he said "that was like me first guitar", and asked if he could "give it a go". My life changed after that, he played that guitar and it sang like I never heard. He handed it back to me, at that point I realized that the issue was not the "crappy" guitar, it was me the "crappy guitar player". It made no difference that it was Eric Clapton, I was awful, and needed a lot of work. That was a humbling experience, that I never forgot. Even when playing as a backup support instrumentalist, in the Motown Studio, I saw and heard so many better people than me that never got their chance, so I continued to practice and practice.

    At that point, I played for a mental respite, or to challenge myself. When my son began lessons, I quit, for fear that he may pick up my bad habits. When he passed all of his competencies, I picked up a guitar and began again, the difference is that I have a much better teacher.

    So I consider myself an instrumentalist, not a musician, musicians can retell the story through music. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it is the truth.
  2. manunk

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    It's the complements that make me think I'm a musician. From the time 58 years ago when my good drummer friend said :"you've got it" to the most recent "you are professional" from a neighbour. And when I can lie awake at night and run through scales in my head. And when I feel connected to fellow gretsch-talkers.
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    When Big Jack Johnson referred to me as one. A man I greatly respect & admire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Jack_Johnson I sat in w/ him a few times in my Clarksdale days, & we've gone fishing together. And those ol'skool blues guys take fishing & who they do it with pretty seriously.

    Up until then, I always thought of my self as just a harp player. That was then when I actually gave the idea some conscious thought. There's always been music rolling around in my head. I've tried my hand at guitar very young, didn't stick w/ it. Then snare in a marching band in grade school, an occasional sit-in on drums in a garage band in high school. Thought about singing in my 20's. Finally the harp found me in my 30's, I heard "Cristo Redemptor" by Charlie Musselwhite, & it clicked, "THAT'S what I WANT to do!!!" I dabble on piano to get melodies in my head to become reality. And now, for the last year I've found my knack for slide. It's just a force that's in you. But when I should've really known is when I was 5 or 6 & got up w/ the band at my Uncle & Aunt's wedding & sang "Jungle Bells" in June in front of the entire reception party.

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