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    The Buy, Sell or Trade Negotiatons thread is a service for the convenience of our members. However, the forum does not get involved in transactions. We do not endorse sellers nor do we vouch for that character of any member. Use the same caution you would use in any transactions.

    Likewise, we do not offer this forum as a place to discuss the appropriateness of a price asked for any item. If you take exception to a for sale listing, please PM the person that posted it. Posting denigrating comments in a for sale thread is not allowed.

    he point of my making this post is simply that the forum does not take any responsibility for transactions, nor do we get involved if there are disputes. That’s it.

    The Buy, Sell & Trade section of G-T is like a bulletin board in a grocery store. People can post as they see fit and we do not monitor transactions. The bottom line is that we cannot help you if a deal goes bad. Many of the folks at this forum are persons of character and integrity, but the forum can't guaranty anything.
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Thread Status:
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