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What's the most satisfying sound?


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Nov 13, 2009
Monkey Island
Just for the record, now Bialetti has produced a moka called “Brikka” with a large hole on the top that makes great coffee with wonderful cream just like the machines at the bar… 😉 I discovered it in a restaurant in Tuscany, bought it and darn, is really amazing.

I saw $15 buck “Brikka” Gaskets to mod your old Moka. Only for the Alu models though.


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Sep 12, 2014
Firenze, Italy
If you don’t drink it as a beverage how do you drink it? I do know if you drink to much you may have some internal sounds that you may not want! Not ones I like to hear but as a guy I can still find funny!
Well, “beverage” in the sense you make it in the morning, add water and drink it during the day. Over here in Italy no one drags a coffee thermos to work in the morning or bring a huge plastic cup full of coffee on the office, a thing that’s common in the US or the UK. We drink coffee as “shots” of caffeine several times during the day, the stronger (so it has to be very, very short) the better.
I never use my 8-cups moka besides big family reunions, or parties. The one that gets all the playing time it’s the 2-cups for me and wifey a couple of times in the day (usually the morning and after lunch, I don’t like to drink coffee after 6 in the afternoon ‘cause it gives me trouble sleeping). Sometimes when I have a dinner with friends I use my 4-cups but it’s just to make enough cups for everybody.
I never make a 4-cups moka, pour it in a bottle and drink it all over a time span. That’s not the way it works here. Even when we drink American coffee (which is an espresso with hot water in Italy 🙂), we do it as a shot, never as a “beverage” you could drink during a couple of hours.


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May 11, 2017
Coffee ... little story from being a student working in gasoline engine R & D ... but it could have been anything, as it's about coffee machines ... those that pretend to clean themselves, but make you regret being the first one to use it after selfcleaning ... the woman who usually had the coffee machine coins, and exchanged them (which was cheaper than putting actual coins in the machine ... it worked with these, too, but a cup would be 50 cent then, instead of 30), went on vacation, so I took over that, because some claimed they wouldn't be in proper working condition without ... someone had to.

I decided to do an experiment - you could also get an Espresso'ish thing out of it, using the same amount of coffee, but only a little bit of water. As I now had as many coins as needed, I filled a large cup with these, let it chill until I could gulp it off in one sip, and did so.

Uh, yeah, so ... caffeine really does increase your heart's frequency. For about 20 minutes, I had an increased heart rate and was sweating a bit ... and that's about it. Tasted ... well, not really great. In two sips, I wouldn't have downed it, the Espresso out of that machine sucked anyway, tasted bitter, bitter and bitter. Not really among the bestsellers there.