What is the most beautiful song to you?

Discussion in 'Fred's Barcalounge' started by loudnlousy, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. JeffreyLeePierre

    JeffreyLeePierre Country Gent

    Very good taste.
    But like lots of Stranglers' song, it's very keyboard based and it will be a challenge to find a great guitar arrangement.
    From the same record, Death & Night & Blood would more easily be spectacular.
  2. azrielle

    azrielle Electromatic

    Feb 24, 2021
    Lund,NV USA
    My favorites of hers are 'Defying Gravity' and 2 duets she recorded with Gram Parsons 'Love Hurts' and 'In My Hour Of Darkness'.
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  3. azrielle

    azrielle Electromatic

    Feb 24, 2021
    Lund,NV USA
    I think I'll go with this one from the Emily Page movie "Whip It" soundtrack:
    'Your Arms Around Me'
    Written by Jens Lekman
    Performed by Jens Lekman
  4. Rmccamey

    Rmccamey Gretschie

    Aug 28, 2020
    Train imagery inspired by the film, Dr. Zhivago.
    No chorus.
    Played on a banjo.

    Gentle on my Mind by John Hartford.
  5. MrWookiee

    MrWookiee Synchromatic

    Jun 17, 2020
    SoCal, USA
    "Seven Spanish Angels" - Willie Nelson with Ray Charles (grew up on Ray's recordings, and kept waiting for the right time to see him play live, and then he passed). Anyway, the song popped into my head today for no apparent reason. Always puts something in my eye.
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  6. drmilktruck

    drmilktruck I Bleed Orange

    May 17, 2009
    Plymouth, MN
    The Ronan Keating version from Notting Hill is pretty good too.

  7. drmilktruck

    drmilktruck I Bleed Orange

    May 17, 2009
    Plymouth, MN
    Another beautiful movie moment song:

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  8. Johnny ray

    Johnny ray Electromatic

    Jun 29, 2018
    Whenever Your on My Mind by Marshall Crenshaw. It makes me think of my late wife, Lee Ann.
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  9. gretsch-to-go

    gretsch-to-go Gretschie

    Oct 2, 2019
    Palm Coast, FL
    I think for me it's a tie Wild Horses by the Sundays,

    The other is Poco's Crazy Love. Without a doubt, the acoustic guitar is going to be the more beautiful song.

    Piano ? Barry Manilow's Weekend in New England.

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  10. Scamp

    Scamp Gretschie

    Feb 22, 2018
    Wow some great song here.
    I've always liked "Classical Gas" since I first heard it.
    Sad songs "Song for Emma" Joe Walsh on piano. Also Vince Gill "Go Rest High on The Mountain"
    Dolly Parton "Jolene" actually anything by Dolly
    Funny song "Blue Bird of Happiness" Little Jimmy Dickens
    "Lighter Shade of Grey" "Smoke on the Water" "Hotel California" "Ode to Joy" "Hot Rod Lincoln" "Wayward Wind"
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  11. JeffreyLeePierre

    JeffreyLeePierre Country Gent

    Another great one to play: Man Of The World.

    When it's late and you're tired and you just want to endlessly play something soft...
  12. Falstaff1960

    Falstaff1960 Electromatic

    Dec 19, 2020
    Two make the list for me.

    Bill Evans: Peace Piece ( reminds me of a rainy spring day just after a shower, when the leaves are dripping andthe birds come out to play in the small pools of rain water left behind. )

    Miles Davis: It Never Entered My Mind (recalls images of late nights with the lights low with the one you love either snuggling close or slow dancing, just the two of you.)
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  13. Johnny ray

    Johnny ray Electromatic

    Jun 29, 2018
    Lost in Your Eyes- The Searchers
    Written by Tom Petty
  14. Baltibelly

    Baltibelly Newbie

    Jun 28, 2020
    Redditch UK
    This tune is hauntingly exquisite & Garson’s piano added to the atmosphere. Bowie a genius & I was totally addicted then & now by his work, especially the earlier albums ❗️RIP David ‍
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  15. englishman

    englishman Gretschified

    Apr 5, 2014
  16. englishman

    englishman Gretschified

    Apr 5, 2014
    Then there's this, when the band comes in 2/3 of the way through it gets me every time.

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  17. Trailpro

    Trailpro Electromatic

    Apr 11, 2019
    St Petersburg, FL
    Rhapsondy in Blue
  18. pmac11

    pmac11 Country Gent

    Mar 4, 2018
    Toronto, Ontario
    Too many to pick just one.
    Chet Atkins 'The Streets of Laredo'
    Many of Bach's compositions
    "East Coast Love Affair" by Kurt Rosenwinkel
    "West Coast Blues" by Wes Montgomery
    Most of Bill Evans
    "Cheap Sunglasses" by ZZ Top. Seriously, those guitar solos are sublime.
  19. mmannaxx

    mmannaxx Electromatic

    May 16, 2011
    Several come to mind: Beatles "In My Life", Timothy B. Schmidt's original version of "Love Will Keep Us Alive", Alison Krauss- "Baby Now That I've Found You", Vince Gill- "Go Rest High On That Mountain", McCartney/Beatles "Blackbird", Blind Faith "Can't Find My Way Home"., Henley's" The End of the Innocence", Jackson Browne "Before the Deluge", Eagles "Lying Eyes" "Desperado", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", Hollies "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", John Hiatt's "Buffalo River Home", Buddy Holly's "True Love Ways". Probably a lot more that escape my mind right now. No one is best but these are all ones that I think are beautiful and I never tire of.
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