What are you thankful for?


Country Gent
Sep 22, 2012
Im thankful for my family who love me well and who fully support my guitar passion and for the friendships that we share here on GT. Also pretty astonished and humbled by the life that ive been given to lead. Truly blessed. 18 months cancer free and thankful for every day.


Country Gent
Mar 22, 2019
Son and Family


Dec 22, 2018
I think about this question alot. For me , I would have to say having two wonderful parents who were actively involved in my brother and I upbringing. They steered us straight and made us toe the line when necessary. Nobody gets to choose their parents.....its luck of the draw. So many times I read and hear about kids left outside in dirty diapers while the parents are inside the house strung out. Or when I see a family of four out eating at a restaurant, everyone with their face glued to a cell phone and no family conversation taking place. I'm thankful I grew up never experiencing any of that.


Friend of Fred
Dec 27, 2017
Santa Cruz
Like most of us family. For me, daughters and grandkids and a wife that has been my best friend for over 50 yrs.

I’m thankful I have been able to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth for the last 50 yrs.

I miss my friends and family that are no longer with us but I’m thankful for the time I had with them.

I’m thankful that I found this place, friends I have not met yet.