What am i going to have for Breakfast. New Breakfast ideas.


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That's a good one. Quick and easy.

A favorite at my house is toast slathered with avocado, topped with a poached egg and a slice of pepper jack cheese, x2.


Sounds delicious afire. Great looking potatoes, too.

I’ve been averaging a half a large avocado a day for several years.


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May 24, 2012
On a health kick since August last year. Eat right, excerise, or die. Diabetes, high bp, and overweight at 255.

Came close to turning in the dinner plate, so I liked the docs eating suggestions, if I wanted to hang around.

So far, SO good. Down to 187 lbs, off the high bp meds, blood sugar readings at normal, and I walk 2 1/2 to 3 miles a day. Feel like a million again.

Here's a meal that I eat once a day. I have it for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner.

2 pieces of toast, covered with my good skillet food. I only cook with extra virgin olive oil in the skillet.

2 eggs whipped up and ready, while I cook up cut green, red, yellow peppers. Onion and mushrooms, then add the eggs. Let if cook up, then flip it over.

Cover the toast, add some green verde on the top, and I actually do enjoy it.


Wait about 15 minutes, take a short walk, and now it's picking time!

Ain't preaching, just enjoying life and feeling and being healthly again.

Only downside is the wife saying I look like an old boney rocker. She said that I could hit the stage with the Stones, and look right at home??

That sounded good to me! Lol


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Apr 15, 2009
Ya can't beat a nice ham steak pan food with butter and brown sugar accompanied by three over easy eggs. If you don't have any if that, a Kit Kat bar, defat Pepsi and sour apple vape will do.

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