What Advice Would You Give Your 16 Year Old Self?


Country Gent
Jul 23, 2019
Go ahead and throw that party when you make your first million! The second and third, and the many after that just won’t have that same magic feeling.

(I wish!)
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Back in Black

Country Gent
Jun 22, 2020
Ontario Canada
Don't go to that party . There's a girl there named Karen ...... she'll divorce ya in a few years and make your life miserable

Ah...a man of experience!

I was working in Iraq, when I decided in my own mind something was wrong at home, long story short, when I got back home on an emergency leave (two days from the time I left Iraq), there was a long haired, un-employed guy in the house, with a swastika dangling off one ear.

Fast forward 43 years...lots of time to recover, and boy did I recover!!!

The sooner in the marriage they pull those stunts the better.

Good riddance!



Dec 18, 2020
I second the previous "Don't marry".

More importantly....don't let the lure of stability anchor you. That thing you love and happen to be very good at...do that instead. Don't let the loud external voices sway you. Follow it, go for it, you only live once. And it will take you farther than you think.