Vocal Speaker Instead of PA?

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  1. Hi, Does anybody use a single vocal speaker instead of a PA?

    For a floor monitor in front of my feet I use a Behringer Eurolive F1220D (was about £120), and I was wondering if there was something like that but designed as the main vocal speaker for the audience not as a monitor, so to be used for the vocals instead of a PA. The reason being the only thing that needs to go through the PA in a pub are the vocals so if there was a speaker like the F1220D that can be heard over drums in a pub, then that would save us all the hassle of bring a PA, having the speaker, speaker lead and the PA head to carry about, at least, to play in such a small place.

    The only one I’ve looked at so far, is the Mackie TH-15 (£266), - https://www.thomann.de/gb/mackie_thump_15a.htm - this looks alright but the controls look a bit weird and it might be a bit too powerful for our needs. I was wondering if anyone uses something like that and what? Thanks for any advice.
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    I have a pair of Mackie TH-15s.

    A vocal speaker IS a PA, pure and simple.

    I use my Mackie rig with a 10 channel mixer mainly as my keyboard rig. The wide range of the Mackies are better for keys than any guitar or bass amp. Having been a lifelong stagehand/sound guy, I like the versatility the rig gives me. I use a pair as my rig is in stereo, and, two cabs give a room better coverage, and one speaker center stage looks odd.
    The TH-15s are very flexible, and can run singly, or in pairs, or daisy chained when you need more power. They're well suited as monitor speakers, and can serve in many roles. The controls are easy to use, and the whole thing is well thought out, and, has Mackies reputation for quality. I've never been disappointed by a Mackie product.

    As for being too powerful---
    ---better too much power than not enough. You don't need to turn it up full blast.
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    Nothing wrong with the Mackie just a nice self-powered pa. I use QSC K10's but they are a bit pricey, there are a lot of good self-powered PAs out there. I would naturally suggest trying some out with your vocals at a store first just to see how your voices mesh with it but then there are mixers that are nice small and portable as well as the controls on some of these small self-powered PAs are quite useable. I have a little Yamaha MG 10 I picked up on sale for 79$USD which works very well.
  4. Not sure if I’m in the right page, but a bose compact or bigger, that way everyone hears?
  5. Thanks, I'll check out the Bose Compact later for sure. As for the QSC K10 and the Mackie TH-15, neither seem to have much in the way of volume (or level) control. Just a dial with no guide marks whatsoever. To be fair the PAs with a separate head don't exactly have much accuracy but at least you have some marks around the dial so you can get it the same every time. Having winged about that my Vox amp doesn't! That's a bit annoying too.
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    The Eurolive F1220D has a hole for a speaker stand and can be used as a PA speaker.

    Monitors tend to be a bit directional, so it may or may not make a good PA speaker.

    You need a stand like this:


    “Integrated 35 mm pole socket for stand mounting and use as PA system"

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    The TH-15 has a built in EQ and volume control. In standard PA operation, there are at least three stages of level control on the mixer itself, and then the PA amp gives you another, The TH-15s and others are stand mountable or can be used on the floor as monitors. They're extremely versatile. Separate heads for PAs are mixers, and can be powered or passive for use with amp stacks, allowing full control over the system, and are the industry standard. If you're wanting more than one mike in the system, you must use a mixer, and Mackie mixers are excellent.

    I was on house staff for a theater the size of the Royal Albert Hall, and worked in many other larger venues as well, and I can guarantee that this is how it's done. A mixer and powered bins are the bare minimum I'd use for a small gig.

    There are smaller units than the Mackie, so if size is the issue, then there are alternatives.

    If cost is the issue---avoid Bose products in general. I'm not a fan for multiple reasons.
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  8. Henry

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    Apr 9, 2014
    Thats basically what the fishman loudbox line is, mono PA for voice and acoustic guitar.
  9. wabash slim

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    That's what all "acoustic guitar amps" are---a mini PA, that's meant for the singer/songwriter types.
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    Or quality sound. Sorry, I'm not a believer & Bose have made so many unsubstantiated, bad-science claims about their products I pass on the entire brand.
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    A monitor is basically designed to sound good when you're up close, like standing directly in front of it, several feet away. They are not designed to project well into a space. That's not their design object. I have had to use monitors as PA mains on occasion & no matter how good they are up close, they are never good at projecting well into a room.
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    No Highs, no lows, must be Bose.


    The one positive thing I can say about Amar G. Bose is that he was one Hell of a salesman.
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    Check out the JBL EON series lightweight powered speakers.
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  14. lathoto

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    Apr 23, 2020
    I prefer a class D speaker (with tweeter) that can be used as both a main and a monitor. If you get a big gig with a real house system then double down on your monitors.
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    Oct 18, 2015
    Our Singer workes as as an Elvis impersonator and uses one big powered vocal monitor to do his thing. I do not remember the brand but it works like a charm and is easy to carry around.
  16. gtttrrr

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    This is the best “ vocal speaker” for me, anyone that’s ever heard me sing would surely agree. My family would surely appreciate me moving my mic cable from the PA to the pictured device. BA06EC14-4DD0-431C-9316-42C0AE79A741.jpeg
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    I have a Turbosound Inspire ip1000 single column speaker which I got got for keyboards.

    the sound is very loud but very hifi. Better than any other PA I have used.

    No reverb on the version I have but for clarity it can’t be beat.
  18. wabash slim

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    I remember when we were happy to get rid of column speakers back in the '60s. Laid them on the floor propped up at an angle to use them as monitors. The Voice of the Theater cabs we had blew them away using the same amount of power.

    For the proper scoop on sound gear, get the bible---the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook. It's shows the industry standards for all types of sound gear. From PAs to DJs to home stereo, it has the info anyone interested in sound needs. We'd give a copy to everyone in our house sound staff.
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  19. Scott Fraser

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    Electro-Voice also has some good powered speaker boxes.
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  20. wabash slim

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    I'm a big fan of EV. My Dad worked there in the late '40s after the war when they were in South Bend. Buchannan was only 15 miles from there when I DJ'd just down the road. Everything at our radio station was EV---mikes, amps, speakers. As a sound guy, I knew that if I plugged an EV product in that it would work. From home stereo to stage gear, you can't go wrong with EV.

    JBL/Altec etc. gear is just as reliable, and Shure mikes are just as good as EVs.
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