Upgrade from Streamliner to Electromatic?


Jan 28, 2020
I actually prefer my 2420s to my 5420. I like the neck more, and louder acoustically. I’ve had no dramas with the electrics. The 5420 is a stunning guitar, but it’s got a rattle, switch issues and I’ve never really bonded with it. But I love how it looks.

Gary Gretsch

Mar 9, 2022
Rochester N.Y.
I have The 2420 and recently bought the 5420 Korean. I may say the build quality on the 2420 is a bit better than the 5420 and the set up on the 2420 was great the 5420 had to go back pickups were too low and the bridge was jammed on the posts. It really should have never made it out the factory door like it was.

Both sound good. A little different. The 2420 is louder. The 5420 has a master volume that only works about the last quarter turn. I think I like the 11's that came on the 5420 better than the 10's that came on the 2420.
Final thoughts I do like the 5420 a bit better. and like playing it more than the 2420. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the 2420 and I have a set of 11's sitting here to put on the 2420. Then I can truly compare the 2. I had to but the 5420 just to have one.


Sep 26, 2021
I am no Gretschpert, but with the major downgrades Fender did to the 2022 Electromatics, I don't think there is a huge difference between the Streamliners and the Electromatics anymore. The current EM's are Streamliners by another name, and another price IMHO. I would just upgrade the pickups, caps and pots in your Streamliner, and stick with that until you can afford a Player's Series (if you do decide to upgrade at some point).

The Laurel fretboards on the new EM's are just *dreadful*. They are heavily dyed, leaving my fingertips super sooty after playing one. If they want boards to look like Rosewood, they should use Rosewood.

The only parts of the new EM's that I found better than the previous Korean-made ones were the new pickups and the new neck profile. Everything else was *dramatically* worse, to the point that I felt insulted that they would ask $750 or so US for what is a gussied up $500 Streamliner.

With cash on hand, go for it. On plastic, think about it.
Wise words.
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Jan 19, 2017
Hmm. I played mine the other day. It definitely has a chunkier neck. Mine is from the first year. Maybe they’ve changed it since 🤷‍♂️
Yes definitely, I remember playing a Torino Green G2622T when they came out and loving the full C neck profile. I still regret not impusle buying that one...

Jonathan K

Jan 7, 2022
I personally don't recommend you to make such a little upgrade. I have tried on electro 5120, they don't really make much difference. The same tv-jones-looked-pickups. Therefore, I don't think this little amount of difference in price would meet your expectations. Perhaps a japan made player edition would be better.

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