Ugly guitars - another photo thread


Friend of Fred
Jul 20, 2017
South Dakota
So far this is the only guitar I would call ugly in this thread. Sure there are some odd pickgaurds, control layouts, shapes, but nothing I would call ugly. Some I certainly wouldn’t own but some of the headstocks are butt ugly. I actually like some of these designs and would love to make a very unique guitar of my own. I am inspired!
The Gretsch TK range always looks like it should be played by George Jetson. Or Fred Flintstone.


It's ugly, and yet it's cute.


Country Gent
May 29, 2016
Illinois USA
I wont say ugly but I don't like 2 piece tops that don't match well, all are beautiful guitars but a deal breaker for me the seam is not subtle too contrast
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