TV Jones wiring harness: wow

Discussion in 'Technical Side of Things' started by Limuz, Feb 2, 2021.

  1. Limuz

    Limuz Gretschie

    Sep 8, 2012
    No, they don't. You only have to solder a total of four wires. For each pickup a live wire and a ground.
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  2. Tres Matics

    Tres Matics Electromatic

    Feb 15, 2021
    It’s a good lesson in budgeting for some of these upgrades. It’s easy to get carried away. I hadn’t had any issues with my wiring that I know of. Just what I would say is typical buzz. I’ll update once I get it back and hear it and let you know if it was worth it besides peace of mind knowing that it is top of the line quality.
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  3. Tres Matics

    Tres Matics Electromatic

    Feb 15, 2021
    I do not believe so. That would be cool though.
  4. TV the Wired Turtle

    TV the Wired Turtle Gretschified

    Jul 25, 2009
    Sandy Eggo
    quick connects? that only comes on lego guitars.

    you need this to affix them jonezzz to your guitar

  5. Tele295

    Tele295 Country Gent

    Lego can be a formidable weapon. Ever step on one in the dark?
  6. capnhiho

    capnhiho Country Gent

    Feb 16, 2013
  7. Cdb1961

    Cdb1961 Gretschie

    May 5, 2018
    Orange Park, Fl
    I ordered a TV Jones harness with the treble bled circuit myself today for my 5420TG. Already have Setzer’s replacing the Blacktops. This should be the final planned upgrade, but time will tell, LOL.
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  8. AGL04

    AGL04 Newbie

    Oct 13, 2021
    Hi all, I've managed to get myself a bit confused and hoping for help. I have a G5422T and want to get a TVJ wiring harness (and possibly pickups), am I right in thinking I need the long switch and split shafts, and will also need a new switch tip because of the difference between metric (stock) and imperial (TVJ)?

    I think I understand the discussion about short Vs long and ease of replacement, but looking at the TVJ website they suggest long switch is needed. I've worked on Les Paul & Strat type guitars and I'm no stranger to a soldering iron, but this will be my first time working on a hollow body, is there anything else I need to consider?
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