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  1. Anni_Lover

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    Jul 17, 2009
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    I Can't believe that obvious counterfeit garbage like this is turning up on eBay. Alibaba Inc sure, but eBay:


    Here are three "customers" who have been scammed by this fraudster:


    I don't have an eBay account so don't know how to report this crook. However, whose member who used bay may be able to. Might be handy to notify Joe and Mike at Gretsch/FMIC too. This is the account page for the individual selling that fake "Custom Gretsch Guitar Orange Falcon 6120 Semi Hollow Body Jazz Electric Guitar":

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  2. thunder58

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    Dec 23, 2010
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    No ones safe from this . Unfortunately at P.T. Barnum said " there's a sucker born every minute " . Referring to " Joe " , you mean Carducci ? . He left the company / retired in November 2020 . Who are you referring to as Mike ? Sorry , not familiar
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  3. AZBrahma

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    Dec 18, 2020
    Notifying Gretsch would be pointless, the product and seller are in China and they have no legal recourse there.

    As much as I utterly despise counterfeiting, this is just an aspect of the modern world and online shopping. It would be impossible for Ebay or Amazon or whomever to police this effectively. On the other side of the coin, buyers have a responsibility to know what they are purchasing and if it is authentic. Hence buying from an authorized dealer or a reputable shop for used. This is never going away, so we all have to deal with it and continue to get sharper as the counterfeits get better.

    Same thing happens in bicycle components (and a bunch of other stuff of course). Cheap Chinese counterfeits all over and those are harder to spot than guitars. Some cyclists have had lapses in judgement and knowingly or unknowingly purchased inferior carbon fiber handlebars, seat posts, frames etc. There are plenty of documented stories of those parts failing catastrophically while being ridden, some causing very serious injury and hospitalization. Buyer beware.
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  4. drmilktruck

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    May 17, 2009
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    Mike Lewis?
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  5. wabash slim

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    Feb 10, 2010
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    Therein lies the rub---NO LEGAL RECOURSE! The term "Copyright" infringement" doesn't translate to Chinese. Caveat Emptor.
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  6. swivel

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    May 13, 2018
    Interesting, they dont show the front of the headstock, but show "Made in USA" on the back. Then in the description it says Made in China!
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  7. mrfixitmi

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    Mar 20, 2010
    When eBay first started there used to be a "report" button, when you saw something questionable or stolen.
    The brand is listed as "unbranded", so how they could suggest Gretsch produced it on the pick guard is beyond me.
    Buyer beware for sure, the first buyer should know what they are really getting....however, if this ends up on the resale circuit, people could be deceived easier.
    From time to time we used to see a "family heirloom" that was passed down. People would swear that this was "Grandpap's 1957 XXXXX", after examination, it was apparent that is was a 3 year old knock off ". Being the bearer of bad news usually resulted in an irritated customer storming out the door telling us that we did not know what we were talking about.

    Not good for business, customer, or the naive.
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  8. Archtops

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    Mar 4, 2021
    Pathetic their blatant ripoff. Even more pathetic is that eBay allows this out of their own greed.
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