Trashcan Rescue - need ID help!


Jul 6, 2022

So a couple of months back I noticed a guitar-shaped object in a neighbor's trash, stopped to check it out, and it turned out to be a Gretsch!

Does anyone happen to know what model this is or how old it could be? 7413 is stamped into the top of the headstock, nothing visible inside that I could see with an endoscope. The top is carved though!

As to *why* it was in the trash:
The binding is shot, the pickup has a loose connection or broken wire, and at least one of the top braces has come loose near the tail of the guitar. The headstock has been swiss-cheesed many times - when I found it, one side had "3 on a plate" tuners that were designed for the other side of the headstock. The neck angle is really looking like it needs a reset too, but maybe not. The finish is, erm, heavily relic'd.

Current plans are to take the back off to reglue any braces that need it, reassemble and check the neck angle with correct bracing, replace the binding (odd size needed too; fun), reset the neck, new tuners, rewire the pickup, and finally convert to lefty so new nut, probably new bridge.

Clearly I'm nuts; I've done a lot to solid-body guitars but this is all a big leap up and worst case I pass it on super cheap to someone who can do all the work properly.

Anyway! What the heck is this thing? Thanks!


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Feb 17, 2020
I am really glad you were there to save a unique old instrument!

I get tired of hearing of items trashed/disposed of by someone who didn't value them so thought they were worthless.

No matter whether that guitar has any financial value or not I would invest the time and money to restore it. It has lived too long to be destroyed now and would be a great addition to anyone's collection.


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Feb 13, 2012
How should I say, @Potatofarmer : Good Luck ? Congratulations ? Both, in fact ! :cool::cool::cool:

This is the kind of instrument I would like to find in trash cans every days... :D
Nope. :(

OK, I won't cry, though : to be honest, I already had two... :)



I see that there is a Monkey-On-A-Stick pickup on your Vintage Gretsch Archtop, but it's not a DeArmond model, as suggested by @wabash slim, it's a more recent Japanese import model (60-70s), very similar - not say identical - to the one I put on my G100 Synchromatic RI, after LH conversion, of course :


Well, stock, this pickup may not be so famous. :confused:

Mine was a terrible single-coil, 5K DCR, ferrite bar magnet, prone to Larsen and microphonics, awfully dull and weak sounding... :eek:

I had it rebuilt in the original casing and potted by Kent Armstrong Sr. after I contacted his son at the KA UK factory "This is a job for my father :)" he went.

At 100USD including shipping to USA, KA Sr. made me a killer humbucker Jazz pickup, sounding "à la Johnny Smith" smooth deep-warm tone. 🤪:cool:

So don't be upset if your pickup sounds poor : there's an elegant and efficient solution ! ;)

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Nov 18, 2015
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I have rescued a few guitars from bins (trashcans) but, never anything like this!
Being in the UK, it's usually Framus, Selmer and other European stuff. This is quite the find. Good luck with whatever you plan on doing with it.