Tomorrow I order my first Gretsch (a little help please?)

Discussion in 'THE Gretsch Discussion Forum' started by OzzPocket, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. OzzPocket

    OzzPocket Gretschie

    Aug 11, 2020
    Well, the $200 wasn't just a basic setup (I think that runs 40-60 depending if theres a trem).....that was if they run it through their fancy Plek machine....which actually sounds pretty cool...but...also, yes, kind of pricey......

    So, I read all of your posts.....the decision was down to the Gretsch 2622, the Gretsch 5420T and the Ibanez AS153 (semi hollow)...and then it was also suggested here to check out the 5422...which I did.....and I've decided on the 5420T. If the 5422T had been available in the Fairlane Blue, I might have gone that route.....that color (along with the Cadillac Green) are extremely cool. I like the Vintage Orange as well.

    But....5420T it is....and I also think I will forego the fancy Plek option....I mean....if I got the guitar and hated it...I doubt they'd refund that portion of it, as it's more of a labor procedure.

    Also getting the Gretsch hardshell case (and will ask that the guitar be shipped in it)

    So, I'm going to get ahold of my sales guy and let him know. I'll try and post a couple pictures when it comes in! Thanks again for the help.
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  2. capnhiho

    capnhiho Synchromatic

    Feb 16, 2013
    Good on ya, Mate!
    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!
  3. calebaaron666

    calebaaron666 Friend of Fred

    Aug 15, 2018
    Portland, Maine
    For what it’s worth, my 2018 5420T came out of the box set up great. I stretched the strings a bit and lubed the nut, and it was ready to kick some.
  4. tolm

    tolm Gretschie

    Jan 25, 2016
    Awesome! My G5420T is Fairlane Blue and it’s a GREAT finish - looks even more stunning in person.

    I also like the fact that it’s a good guitar to “noodle” on unplugged: louder than a solid body or semi hollow but not so loud as an acoustic.

    As per @calebaaron666 mine was great just as she came. I just switched the strings to my preferred Elixirs and was good to go!
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  5. SAguitar

    SAguitar Gretschie

    Jan 17, 2020
    Good choice, but which Jack Plate did you have shipped with it? Inquiring minds need to know.
  6. OzzPocket

    OzzPocket Gretschie

    Aug 11, 2020
    Well, it's a relief to know they seem to come in decent condition out of the box.....I could certainly learn how to do a setup....I mean, I've adjusted intonation and action height over the years.....fret dressing and truss rod adjustments are a bit foreign to me, though.....and I'd be more willing to experiment with a $200 guitar vs an $

    Jack plate? I don't believe it comes with a jack plate..and I didn't get one separately. Honestly, I don't think I've ever had a guitar with a jack plate. Well....if I find a real pretty one, maybe I'll get it. ;-)
  7. Synchro

    Synchro The artist formerly known as: Synchro Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2008
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    Truss rods are simple. If you start from a loose truss rod, you can feel when it engages the wood. When you get your guitar, however, it will almost certainly have some degree of engagement, already. If you tighten a truss rod, never go more than 1/4 turn at a time. Wait a day, then check it. Once you've done it a few times, it becomes easy. Just don't try to do too much all at once.
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  8. thunder58

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    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
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    tell'em @wabash slim :p
  9. wabash slim

    wabash slim Gretschified

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    If I didn't, you would have. I just beat you to it.
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  10. OzzPocket

    OzzPocket Gretschie

    Aug 11, 2020
    Let me guess.....the new guy misunderstood something, right? :)
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  11. Dana Rudd

    Dana Rudd Synchromatic

    Nov 26, 2019
    Greybull, WY
    Congrats on your decision. We will be waiting for pictures.
  12. G5422T

    G5422T Country Gent

    May 24, 2012
    Agreed, but I only adjust 1/8 turn at a time, and wait for 24 hours.

    Depending on the neck wood and its moisture content, the neck may not really settle in for a week or so. Just have to keep an eye on it to see.

    A properly adjusted neck and a properly cut nut turns an "ok" guitar into a dream to play.

    With a little time and patience, setting neck relief is like putting air into your car tires.

    Check it, and add or release some tension.

    A HUGE factor in neck stability is the proper humidity. Need to control that as much as possible.
  13. Waxhead

    Waxhead Country Gent

    Aug 30, 2014
    I've bought guitars from Sweetwater - good choice.
    Their standard pre-shipping set-up is excellent.

    No need to pay the extra for their "Plek Service" imo and no need for new nut either.
    Yes bone, tusk, graphteck nuts are better and it's a good cheap upgrade but there's no issues with the plastic nut Gretsch use.

    I suggest you get the guitar unmodded then play/enjoy for a few months then consider some upgrades.
    Lots of members here never do any :)
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  14. capnhiho

    capnhiho Synchromatic

    Feb 16, 2013
    FWIW Gretsch uses much better nut material now than the porous piece of plastic dung that came on my 2013 G5420.
  15. Randy99CL

    Randy99CL Synchromatic

    Feb 17, 2020
    It is somewhat of an inside joke here...most of us install jack plates on our Gretschs (and others) and some believe it is a crime that they don't come standard. It is only a $10 part, you would think it would be included. Many less expensive guitars do come with jack plates.
    Once you've seen a pic of an expensive guitar with the jack punched into the body you'll always add a plate.

    So we recommend you add one. I like the LP square style on the bigger bodies and the oval type on the G2622 size but it is totally your decision.

    The last I installed (my G5129T):
    5129 Jack Plate A.JPG
    TCS jackplates.JPG
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  16. OzzPocket

    OzzPocket Gretschie

    Aug 11, 2020
    Well...maybe that'll be my first foray into a "mod" ;-) Thanks for explaining.....I thought maybe I was being "hazed" by the "upper classmen" lol
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  17. GlenP

    GlenP Country Gent

    Jul 23, 2019
    The necks from the Gretsch factory are usually in pretty good shape, no need for a PLEK job. Maybe some smoothing of the fret edges on the sides of the fret board might be needed.

    Just wondering what other guitars you currently have. You can't go wrong with a Gretsch in your fleet, not a bad choice in any case. Enjoy it!
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  18. G5422T

    G5422T Country Gent

    May 24, 2012
    IMO, most factory nuts are "ok," and range from pretty good to occasionally not pretty good.

    Part of mass production, time, and the guitars price point.

    I have no problem with plastic as a nut material, but I'm not spending money to have any work done to one.

    That said, I'm lucky to have a local luthier that scratch makes bone nuts for $40-$50 installed.

    My Gretsches play like a dream, and sound just right when he does this.

    Best $50 spent on a guitar.

    OzzPocket, see how it feels and plays right out of the box. Chances are good that you'll be very impressed.

    I never "mod" for mod sake. I always have a reason, and a little lighter wallet! Lol
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  19. calebaaron666

    calebaaron666 Friend of Fred

    Aug 15, 2018
    Portland, Maine
    The current 5420T line comes with graphtec nuts.
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  20. audept

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    Dec 1, 2010
    Sydney, Australia
    No hazing here! Maybe just a friendly ribbing occasionally. You joined the best guitar forum on the internet. We alone specialize in helpful friendly advice and respect for others. That is what makes this place so unique.
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