This Should Be Illegal On A Gretsch


Mar 18, 2022
East Hampton, CT
I believe that's a Chicago Music Exchange exclusive issue:

Gretsch G5232 Electromatic Double Jet FT Daphne Blue w/Gold Hardware​

I might have to pull the trigger on that.

Duo Slinger

Country Gent
Sep 11, 2020
California, USA
No surprise to hear Randy Rhodes playing on a Gretsch. Remember that one of the greatest metal rhythm guitarists, Malcolm Young of AC/DC used a Gretsch Jet Firebird to play some of those great riffs on songs like Back in Black and You Shook Me All Night Long.
Richard Krupse of Rammstein pulls out a double cut White Falcon every once in a while. Notably, in the music video for "Radio".

mr coffee

Country Gent
Oct 7, 2009
No real need for shaming a little self-indulgent musical masturbation. It's okay, lots of people do it. It feels good, although it's nice to balance it out with proper passionate performance.