This is/was (arguably) the WORST record ever made....

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  1. Bertotti

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    I haven't had the desire to click on any vid in this thread today! But one day after I am singing to myself in the car on a long drive and realize how bad I am I will come back and click. Just so I don't feel so bad!
  2. Falstaff1960

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    Dec 19, 2020
    This is Jazz, right? I keed! Sound like when your kids start a band with no idea how to play or even tune their instruments.
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  3. mr coffee

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    Oct 7, 2009
    Which song you singing? My Pal Foot Foot?

    The cat knew Dot and Betty were looking for him.

    I dunno, Helen was on her own thing but if you listen to the drums and ignore everything else, she's actually got some things going on. For example, on Why Do I Feel, she's rock solid the whole time, just not playing the same song as Dot and Betty.

  4. Bertotti

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    When driving most likely something from Godsmack or Puddle of Mud or similar in a bad way!
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    Feb 6, 2015
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    That was just one song in the original post. I didn't realize that they made an entire album at 31:39.

    Philosophy of the World - Wikipedia

    No bass, and playing Gretsch Rally guitars.

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  6. TomK

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    Nov 18, 2020
    I kinda like My Pal Foot Foot. Sad song about a lost cat.
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  7. Ricochet

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Was the album title “Philosophy of the world” intended as a social comment? Were they displaying their skills in irony? If so, that is quite brilliant!
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  8. Bertotti

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    Oh hell, I clicked on the first one here and made it 42 seconds before shaking my head and stopping that crap. I can sound better than them so I am now quite happy I don't stink the most in this world. Oh Happy Day, note the typed sarcasm in that last statement. Maybe with an eye roll or shake of the head.
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  9. Scott Fraser

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    Since that's a very large number of my clients & musical associates, I can pretty reliably say that it's not an elaborate prank.

    A friend of mine was hired to transcribe a number of recordings of unknown blues musicians from the 20s & 30s. What he discovered was that they didn't all play a 12 bar form. Some played something approximately like a 13 & ½ bar form, or frequently dropped or added beats to bars, sometimes time would simply stop for a while. These were untrained folk musicians who had no academic understanding of how music was constructed, yet they played music. I would not say they were too dumb to understand they were idiots, nor were they savants. They were naive folk artists, but not idiots, nor dumb.
  10. MrWookiee

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    Jun 17, 2020
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    I wonder if the folk artists' work influenced Dave Brubeck to experiment with unusual time signatures.
  11. Scott Fraser

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    Jan 14, 2012
    Los Angeles
    I think Brubeck's approach to time signatures comes largely from Bulgarian dance rhythms. A lot of Balkan folk music is in asymmetrical time signatures.
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  12. I just spent $9.99 on iTunes to get the album. I am looking for the words to my pal foot foot, and will see if the band wants to cover it. For some reason its growing on me. Sadly my family does not agree. But if its in the iPad, it can be played at gatherings through the PA. Long live the Shaggs!
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  13. Back in Black

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    Jun 22, 2020
    Ontario Canada

    I'm officially on leave, due to my wife's illness...but...I couldn't help but post.

    I like it!!!

    And Hey, they got recorded, and they're being remembered after 53 years, that's not bad.

    Can't think of anyone worth noting, that remembers me from 53 years ago.

    On a slightly different subject, my wife is showing steady improvement after suffering a stroke, eight days ago, movement is starting to return to her left side.



    God bless each and everyone of you!!

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  14. If anyone is looking, which I know you all are, the ultimate guitar tab that I have, has the chords and lyrics to three of their songs. Now I just need a concert t shirt.
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  15. MrWookiee

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    Jun 17, 2020
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    This is starting to sound like a thread about a movie called, "9 Deaths of the Ninja", among the worst movies ever made, and arguably the worst martial arts-action movie ever made (speaking btw as a fan of "so bad it's good" cinema, and a lover of both good and bad martial arts movies in particular). This movie was so bad it was just bad - like bad in the bad way. Decades later, some hapless Millenial discovered the movie and told some friends, and the movie has since gained a following as a hilarious parody of those hokey old martial arts movies. Except that it wasn't released as a parody, it is just awful.
    Btw one of the best MA parodies out there imho is the "Fistful of Yen" segment in "Kentucky Fried Movie". (Pro tip: watch "Enter the Dragon" first.)
  16. Synchro

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    Jun 2, 2008
    Admin Post
    I would agree.
  17. TV the Wired Turtle

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    Jul 25, 2009
    Sandy Eggo
    that foot foot song is awesome.. I just pissed off my 18yr son trying to work on math! Thats what he gets for making us listen to mumble rap.
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  18. O Riley

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    "The word pig carved upon a young girls breast",

    Does this have something to do with the, Tate Labianca murders of 1969?


    Come on over, "you guy's wanna jam"?

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  19. Roy Clark

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    Jun 16, 2017
    Bat cave.
    I like them.
  20. mr coffee

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    Oct 7, 2009
    You know, when you put it that way, it reminds me of my dad. I love him and I love playing music with him, although we don't get the chance much anymore. But he has this thing he does.....the changes come when he feels like it's time for them. The words fall where he puts them and it's sometimes rather arbitrary. If he's playing and singing by himself, it works. If you know him well enough to see where it's going, it works. And the strumming pattern is always consistent, the melody is always deliberate, but the counts don't always jive in a technical way.

    Sorta makes me think of guys like John Fahey or Dave Van Ronk, not everything they did really fit into neat little boxes.

    As for transcribing, Dot's band has charts for all of the songs. There is a system.

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