"THE ROLAND SPACE ECHO" -- Vintage Guitar Magazine, December 2014

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    "When Brian Setzer kickstarted the Stray Cats into action in 1979, his gear lineup was a hodgepodge of orthodox rockabilly ware along with the bizarre. His ’59 Gretsch 6120 and his pomade were the real deal. But he played through a Vox AC50 Royal Guardsman because the band was first recording in England.

    To get that all-important slap-back to emulate the Sun Studios sound, he eventually settled on a Japanese-built Roland Space Echo..."

    Entire article at https://www.vintageguitar.com/21260/the-roland-space-echo/.
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    "Eventually" being the operative word.

    I read in an article in Guitar Player or Guitar World(back when magazines were on paper) that in those days he was using a "purple Boss delay pedal"(I'm assuming a DM-2 or DM-3... @TV the Wired Turtle can probably shed more light on this).
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    I did my first proper recording in ca. 1983. The local studio had a 201 model and a lot of the tracks featured that very effect. There were some delays on hand that were far more modern but the 201 sounded much nicer.
    Since then the studio has moved several times and the owner changed.
    Some weeks ago I visited the location and found that the 201 is still there. Locked in a display cabinet among other vintage recording gear.
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