The Problem with Some Modern Re-Issues

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    "Reissue" gear should actually be called "reimagined".
    True handwired amps are available---you've just got to step up and pay for the extra human intervention in building them. That labor is usually in US dollars or GB pounds or in Euros, and far higher than Asian labor costs. Not disparaging imports---you get what you pay for, and you get serviceable gear. BUT---once it breaks, it's either harder to repair (for more money) or it's disposable. It's far less expensive to buy, but costlier to repair. Considering tubes are getting harder to find, and more expensive, solid state amps are looking better all of the time---and they'll be built on PCBs. So it goes.
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    Get off my back and cut the BS insults / personal attacks too.
    You have no idea about what I know, or don't know, and you've accused me of lying with no evidence and no motive either.

    All I did was report what is written on the Mesa website.
    That is Mesa Corps claim - not mine.

    Now I could not care less if Mesa uses PC board or they make them with chewing gum.
    And I don't care what an amp looks like inside either.
    My interest is their performance.

    If Mesa is falsely advertising their "handwired" claim it won't the be first time they've falsely advertised so for the 2nd time I say ....... go argue with them cos I don't care.

    And while you're arguing with them you can take the chip off your shoulder too
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    They are certainly not hand wired amps, but apparently the hand wiring that is done is done in Petaluma. See examples below. Pots etc. can be easily replaced as can discrete components. But I wouldn't enjoy working on that Mark IV.

    Lonestar Special:


    Mk IV:

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    Aug 30, 2014
    ok thanks for settling the issue politely ;)
    Then Mesa's handwired claim is false advertising and it doesn't surprise me.

    I've never seen the inside of my Mesa amps and I don't want too either.
    It's a good thing too cos if you have to open one up it needs repair.
    Only thing I've ever had to do is swap in some different tubes.

    But this thread was never about Mesa amps - it's about problems with some modern re-issues.
    It was all going very nicely until the rudeness started :eek:

    Hopefully, now we've got it back on track :D
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    Jan 11, 2019
    That was exactly my rationale behind buying a '64 Custom Deluxe Reverb: I've owned amps that failed and were not economical to repair. In the UK finding a good condition vintage BF amp is not easy and I wouldn't know if it still needed work to make it reliable (or indeed whether it was genuine/unmodified and worth the price being asked for it).

    At the time the '64 was about 60% more money than a '65 would have been, but since I'd waited some 35 years to finally get my own BF Fender, I figured that for once I'd treat myself to the top of the line instead of buying the usual mid or budget option as I typically do. Ultimately it wasn't that much money to spend (I don't change my car every year like some friends do and I've lost more money than the '64 cost when I upgraded my video projector 5 years earlier), plus it could be more easily repaired in future should I live long enough to get to the stage that I've worn it out. :)

    What I find amusing with the discussions about the cost of 'hand wired' amps is that no one seems to make a big issue about someone buying a top end Gretsch/Les Paul/Fender that cost more than my '64 CDR. Instead everyone gives them a virtual 'slap on the back' and says 'happy new guitar day'. I posted about my '64 CDR new amp day and got posts basically saying that I'm a chinless wonder with more money than sense. If I'd bought a Proline Gretsch instead of my Electromatic (a bigger % price difference) I'd have been congratulated...weird huh?
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    Feb 19, 2016
    I owned an original JTM 45 Head in early 90s but was so unreliable sold it on in the end. Had a reissue shortly after and was one of very few Marshall's I liked (I'm a Fender man and they were loosely based on 59 Bassman)
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    Glad the reissue works well for you. Yes, the early Marshalls were based on a Fender Bassman, using whatever parts were available in England.
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