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    Everyone’s favorite perfume:
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    It would seem reasonable to think that Bigsby assigned model numbers to their various formats on a chronological way, with the earliest models being a lower number than the later inventions. But the B16 was established in the early 50s, while B11 and B12 weren't envisioned for another 20 years.
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    The favourite perfume around here is the first that worked after 4710 attempts that failed.

    WD40 is the same story I heard, to, @wabash slim . Heinz 57 is delicious, though I have not tried 56 other variants ... but there is a different story than numerization of recipes to it, some kind of company-driven fitness club that is a strange hybrid of socially awareness and sniffery in people's private issues (like, you could, back then, even await Henry F. personally show up at your place if you had a history of drinking, searching for potential signs thereof and forcing you to quit, either work or booze, and with work, house), or something along those lines...

    B-2 isn't a sauce, it's a strategic bomber. Tactical bombers the russians developed out of the Fighter Su-27, those with two seats side by side, have an opportunity to cook onboard, for long operations ... blowing stuff up simply isn't the same without some good Borshtsh in ya stomach, you know ... Ivan not liking hungry!

    Uh ... cutting off stuff of the B16 ... seen it, know why and stuff, but ... it's such a perfectly thing right away (for a righthand player and a Tele with Tele-typical pickups). I'd love to see a lefthand version, simply as a means of equality being applied here, too, and I'd like to see a PAF-size or Filter-size version (which might share more parts between left and right version that the current, angled SC model does). I mean ... yeah, it's like 90 % are right-handed, but no one gets to chose this, and it's unfair.

    I'm a but confused by the pot-rotation-conversions some lefthanded guys do, as all devices that aren't R/L'ed or even R/L'able to begin with, like the amplifier your CD-player and record player go into, and whatever else, has the same directions - turn right to turn up, turn left to turn down ... is that really, like, an issue? Beyond being used to stuff?

    But, anyway ... the missing numbers will be missing for some reason. The train tracks at our main station lack the 5 and the 6, the're numbered 1 to 4, 7 to 14. 5 and 6 go through without a platform, therefore, no one ever needs to go there.

    Missing numbers in something that is just numbered always have some kind of a reason, often a boring one, sometimes an interesting one, and sometimes one that is helpful to know ... spare parts already came up here, and that's what I consider the most useful.

    The V-cut are sold as B6. Maybe there's a B3 of that design, too, I don't know...

    ... anyway, Bigsbys are great, but the numbers seem a bit off. Just like the guitar numbers in some companies who don't come up with speakable names every time...
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    Heinz hit the number 57 and kept on going.
    Well aware of side by side seating in military aircraft---I'm a USAF vet. We had F-111 Warthogs at my last base. RB-57s at a base before that.
    I'm also well aware of borscht being a good Polish guy. I've had gallons of the stuff. Don't like it, but it's better than nothing. It was our tight times food. Only good part of it was that it floated Mom's dumplings.

    Oh, and B-3 is my favorite instrument---a Hammond organ.
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    I'm 100% in agreement on wanting it to be made available, all the more so since less metal should mean a more affordable price, if life was fair.

    BTW, I've always called the chopped off versions the Bigsby B1.6 :D

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    Yep, the build-up of dew on the rocket's nose changed the ballistic coefficient of the rockets and complicated the trajectory calculations. Enter WD-40. I wonder how many nose cone techs they lost discovering it was really slippery?
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    Never heard of that MR-2, pretty funny.

    Much recently, Audi have made the same mistake with their e-tron model (check a French dictionary without the dash). Really funny except if you're head of marketing and communication at Audi France and you receive all collaterals for a successful product launch :D
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    You definitely do NOT want to try Heinz 1. Blech.:confused:
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    Wait a minute ... F-111 was the aircraft about which someone I might look up said "There isn't enough thrust in christianity to make a fighter of this aircraft!", meaning it was too heavy, too large, ... after all, it was used for several thinhs, but not as a fighter ... sweep-wings, ... uh, don't know too much else about that bird of obesity...

    Borshtsh, on the other hand, is great. I know it as a soup originating in Russia, essentially a slice of legs and the broth thereof (or vegetable broth, if I'm to cook) and, more or less, everything a decent garden has to offer (white cabbage, potatoes, beet, a kind of tomato sauce is poured in close to the end. Whenever I cook this, I end up putting like 80 % in the freezer because my largest pot will be filled to the top. Many ingredients make a large portion...

    It's quite a nice thing, theMR-2 ... regardless of the name. Mid-engine middle class sports cars always were rare ... between the Lancia Montecarlo and the MR-2 were a few years where no major manufacturer made one, and nowadays, I think of the Alfa 4C and that's about it. e-tron ... sounds mongoloid already, without knowing what's more to it...

    Anyway ... Bigsbys and the lost numbers ... sure, there is some kind of a reason whenever such things are. Missing numbers in numbered things don't miss just because.
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    F-111 was "affectionately" called the Aardvark (earth pig) due to it's long nose. It had ground following radar which was quite advanced at the time, which made it stealthy. It's classified as a fighter-bomber, and filled that role well. I agree it was too big to be a pure fighter, tho.

    As to its weight, Gen. Chuck Yeager (Ace in a day, broke the sound barrier, etc.) said about the F-4 fighter, "If you put a big enough engine on a brick, it'd fly, too." The F-111 fits that quote as well.
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