The Danelectro Nifty Fifty 15w SS amp


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Aug 8, 2016
Everett wa
I used to have one. It’s a great vintage sounding amp. Takes pedals well too. I lent mine out and never got it back. I’d get another if I found a good deal on one. They’re getting harder to find

JC higgy

Jun 6, 2008
Belfast Norn Iron
I have the Dirty Thirty,i loved it ,but it's a door stop now ,it just went bang one day . Was hoping it was just a fuse, but no..



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Feb 12, 2011
Iowa City, IA
I bought mine on a whim. That was maybe a year or so after they first came out in the 90's. I think I was either buying a slide, or some strings. One of these units was perched up on a shelf behind the counter and had been staring down at me every time I came into the store. I love retro, so when the counter-dude asked if there was anything else, I said "yeah and one of those".
Excellent ! 😎 😎 😎

A friend of mine in Germany uses as his main amp for years, and he his a pro player...

You see and hear Ed Mind playing his little Dano amp here, with his Gretsch :


Funny you mention that- in the early 2000s my vocalist/rhythm guitarist decided to leave his Peavey at home for the gig (!!). And, my bass player also decided she didn't want to lug her big heavy amp to the gig either. Both individuals lived 40 minutes or more away. So, I just happen to have this Dano amp...
My usual Fender DeVille 2x12 went to the bass.
My Peavey 35w solid-state amp went to the vocalist (he actually used to sing through it, but that night we had my Peavey power amp for vocals....whew!).
And I? I went from a 2x12 tube to a Danelectro SS Nifty-Fifty. Much like the @hcsterg link, although with a 52RI blonde Telecaster.

She was at full-volume the entire night. There was no more to give. The others simply had to turn down or I was just there for eye-candy. Yes, we should have mice'd it, but we had no more microphones!!

Since that time I've been worried about her. Living the quiet life, as a practice amp and the occasional deck-playing in the summer. She's gotten a bit of a hiss over the years, and I am worried about her. Recently she was quite scratchy on both the Dirty and Level knobs, and I thought probably a bad cap or something, so unless I invested some $$....
On a hunch, I thought all that max volume years ago had actually toasted her speaker, so I hooked her up to the 35w Peavey's 10". SOUNDED GLORIOUS!! And no hiss, curiously!!

Glad it wasn't the amp itself, I hooked her back up to the stock speaker. The scratchy pots have seemed to disappear (good) and there is still a bit of hiss (oh well) but I'm glad she's back. Rocked out on her yesterday to an empty house. Fun little amp. Was it all some sort of dirty amp connection??

Any thoughts on a speaker change??


Dec 27, 2020
I have the Danelectro Nifty Seventy, which is the bass amp version. Sounds surprisingly great as a low volume practice amp for bass guitar. It doesn't sound as good for guitar, but that's what the Excelsior is for. :^)

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Sep 4, 2009
I love mine. The input is one of the weak points, mounted onto the component board. Mine is a bit wobbly so I added plumber tape to tighten the nut. I find turning the amp up with the minimum amount of gain works best. It does have that small amp being murdered thing going on. Amazingly, it does keep up with drums n bass in my Link Wray set. I wouldn't change the speaker, it's part of the sonic mayhem. Beringer made a similar amp, I got one too.


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Sep 4, 2009
This Beringer Firebird is meant to be the same amp. I got both and think this one is a little more polite,


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