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    I bought this Telecaster recently with the idea of installing a Bigsby on it, as I didn't want to mess with my other one. I am not comfortable with the Fender 25 1/2" scale (my other tele has a 24 3/4" conversion neck) so am selling this one. I'm in Toronto and looking for a local area sale. Here are the details:

    Custom made Telecaster (Pinecaster) with the following features:
    -lightweight pine body made by Nieman Guitars in Peterborough, Ontario
    -Tone Emporium pickups: perfectly balanced and wound using sand cast alnico 5 magnets and vulcanized fiber bobbins
    -Wilkinson staggered height tuners
    -Wilkinson bridge and saddles (I put brass saddles on it and filed them to fit and intonate properly; original trad saddles included and can be strung through the body or as a top loader.
    -straight maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
    -medium frets
    -Tusk nut
    -CTS vol. and tone pots & Oak Grigsby three way switch
    -25 1/2 inch standard Tele scale with (I was told) a 9 1/2" radius

    The neck is what I would describe as a full C shape; more substantial than what is generally considered to be a thin C profile. (medium?) There were a few high frets, but those have now been leveled and crowned; action is great. It came from Solo, so is probably MIC, but after the fret dress and truss rod adjustment (2 way truss rod works fine), it is a very good, straight maple/rosewood neck. It has been set up with 10-46 gauge strings, and plays great. The pickups are very open sounding, with a nice top end, and the volume balance between the neck and bridge is perfect. There is one small ding or imperfection in the fingerboard, but it is so small that the camera couldn't pick it up. Intonation is perfect. I left the plastic on the pickguard. If buyer prefers, I can substitute a white one instead. A Gibson gig bag is included.

    I can do a sound recording and send it to anyone interested through email. $475 CAD (about $380 USD) I can set an amp up inside the front door; mask and distance protocol observed. e-transfer or cash.


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    Very attractive guitar. Good luck!
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    Apr 23, 2020
    Good deal eh? ;)
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