Tambourine Man

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    FB keeps showing me posts from the "College of Rock and Roll Knowledge" and usually they are interesting.
    Today is the 56th anniversary of the release of Mr. Tambourine Man, 6/21/1965. I was 14.

    To me, the Beatles were big and changed the world (and I loved them) but the Byrds really moved the bar higher with their deep lyrics and complex harmonies and that jingle-jangle of possibly my favorite guitar sound of all time.
    Each band has admitted in interviews that they influenced each other, how cool is that?

    Probably the first time the term "folk rock" was used and the beginning of the Byrds combining styles and creating new categories.

    Remember how the press (especially the fan mags) liked labels and competitions? They called them the "American Beatles" and radio stations would battle the bands with songs back-to-back?

    Many years later Here Without You perfectly fit my feelings and became one of my favorite songs ever, of all the millions of songs I've heard.
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