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  1. I have an opportunity to get a fender supersonic 60 watt at about the same price as a 22. I wanted the 22 as I thought the clean channel will break up at a reasonable level like my deluxe. The guy is no responding to emails. I found someone that will sell the 60 used for the same price. For those of you that have them, is the volume the only difference? I would mostly use the gain channel for the breakup, but wanted to use the clean with the brain, but I am concerned that at 60 watts its to Loud to get the full sound.
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    I had one it was loud
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    First off the 22 is based off a deluxe reverb and the 60 is based off a vibrolux and bassman. So the two amps are very different for their clean sounds. I have a 60 and its very loud. I played a 22 at a store but didn't get to crank it to hear breakup. I'm very happy with my 60, but I wanted it for the vibrolux sound. You get decent breakup but its not as good as you would get with a lower wattage amp if your looking for that dirty sound. Good luck!
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    I had a 60 watter combo, the clean channel was full and clear and loud as heck on both settings, the burn channel lacked bottom end oomph, and it took a while to twiddle in a sound i found i reasonably liked, also the reverb was very noisy. and there is a noticeable volume imbalance between channels at similar level settings.
    The 22w is el84 class A i think but i've never heard one at full pelt, still sounded good though.
  5. Thanks. I also noticed the foot pedal cables are different. The 60 has a quarter inch an the 22 has the 7 wire one.
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    I have never heard or played the 60. I have owned a 22 for about 8 months, using it in a band format 4-6 hours a week. Still exploring the wide number of things you can do with it. I agree with most of what is said up above. It is a LOUD 22 watts. Almost as loud as my blackface Bandmaster. Like many amps, it's a bit uninspiring below 2. Most of the time we rehearse or play gigs in the 2 to 3.5 range(rooms of 50-150 mostly). I use a Boss Bassman pedal when at very low volumes when I want a retro breakup as the Burn channel is VERY modern sounding. We play mostly retro 50-60's covers (lots of early Elvis) which requires bouncing from sparkling clean to organic blues to Setzer growl and all points between. So far, it's been quite reliable. I did replace the very nice stock speaker (a tad too modern mayhemisphereic for me) with a Swamp Thang to enhance the bottom end and enhance the clean but organic feel (very happy). If you're playing more on the Ozzy end of life, the stock should be fine. The Burn channel is geared toward the more modern Classic rock - got me a Mesa Boogie crowd. Ironically, the Burn channel is the least loud should you crank everything up to 11. Also, the Burn channel does lack low end WHOMP (criminal to my taste) but I recognize that this factor may allow the guitar to pop out in the mix handsomely if you play in a more than three instrument set up. Decent reverb, no vibrato/tremolo (bummer). Has a midrange knob and an effects loop also. In the end, it's the Deluxe DNA that shine's thorugh. Leans slightly towards modernesque as opposed to super vintage, but looovely Fendery goodness nonetheless.

    My dos centavos.

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  7. I have heard the burn channel, and thought it did a good job at a slight bite buses one. That was the 22 though.
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    There is a great sound in the burn channel on the 60w but you have to look for it, well i did, there was for me anyway way more gain that i needed, and the two master volumes took it to that boogie too much mid mush sound i don't like. so i had to keep the second way down and the first to taste. I like the idea of the amp, but i think they tried to put too much into it.
    I'd have preferred it if the burn channel was just the clean settings with more drive. rather than a separate amp in itself.
    This is just what i thought, you may absolutely love it!
  9. Thanks. I was thinking they are the same as the deluxe, but with the gain channel. I have the deluxe, and could get a pedal for more drive, but I am on the anti pedal kick. Past fender gains have left me wanting, but the sonic had a decent, low gain, blues sound I liked. Just never heard it on the 60. I dont do Ozzy.
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