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    May 1, 2012
    They never gave the possibility of a TIA, probably because of the length of symptoms. I'm not sure there is any value in distinguishing. A TIA is a stroke to me.

    70% of cases land with the physician not being sure of the origin - no bright spot on the scan, no clot found, no hole in the heart, no indication of vaso constriction during the event, etc. Not every event shows up on scans, so that's the best even the the top docs can do. And when that they can't find the exact origin, they won't say "100% sure it was a full blown stroke", they will only lean in that direction because of symptoms and other medical conditions. In this case, the symptoms persisted and only began to clear after administering tPA.

    I've not heard of a study as to why the exact cut off time for administering tPA, but the idea is that the risk of major brain bleed outweighs benefit at that point. After three or five or whatever hours, the ability to dissolve the clot(s) and has decreased significantly. But no one has ever produced a study for me. The risk of major brain bleed is 6%.
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  2. Bet your wife is thrilled to have her own guitar forum thread! :cool:
    I think she deserves a new guitar for all her trouble! :)

    Not that this applies, but since you mentioned it:
    A PFO is a common occurrence. 25-30% of the population may have a small to medium unsealed hole & never have issues. Generally involves a bubble stress test. Never heard it narrowed down by athleticism, which could be a tell.
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    May 1, 2012
    Yes - it's part of the standard workup. They ran the bubble test while I was in the room. She had had hip surgery 9 weeks prior and they wanted to make sure it wasn't from that. Good news is that she didn't a PFO.
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