Stage Riders


Feb 26, 2014
Currently looking at Aerosmith's one, in which they state, amongst other things, 'Please, no Pakistani compressed towels.' Whatever they are. Sounds like they had a bad experience with them.

wabash slim

I Bleed Orange
Feb 10, 2010
lafayette in
Sting wanted a masseuse on his rider. We got him one.
He started the show well after 9PM.
Our audience showed up for an 8PM start.
More than half had walked out and gotten their money back.

Barbara Mandrell wanted the dressing rooms painted powder blue.
For a one night show. Nope.

One group wanted haggis. In Indiana. It's illegal in the US.

Many 'stars' want fancy furniture, very special foods, lists of drugs and alcohol, and many other pointless things. It all comes out of the promoters' pockets, and they're not too happy to go overboard providing a lot of it. A lot of the food requests are understandable. Catering for the roadies has gotten much better over the years, and the bands' requests aren't always silly. Working a state uni, we aren't allowed to furnish liquor as it's banned on campus. Or was until recently. It's allowed at the football stadium, but not in the theaters.

We had a backline request for gear that topped $10K. For a 1/2 hour P&W student band, in a 400 seat theater. Nope.

The "No brown M&Ms" story is true. When we asked the road manager, he said it was to see if we actually read the rider. We didn't have to worry about the brown M&Ms. The other stuff on the rider was needed.