Song Title Game


Mar 4, 2022
Bristol, UK
I doubt that either of the last two posts would get much air time.
You're not wrong, Slim.

Bongwater's eulogy to female empowerment: (sample lyric: "I am woman, hear me roar, In numbers too big to ignore...") is far less likely to get air time compared to something like Ted Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever: (sample lyric: "I make the ***** purr with the stroke of my hand, They know they gettin' it from me, They know just where to go, When they need their lovin' man, They know I do it for free.")


Interesting fact: Although the song might not have received much air-play, the video for Power of ***** IS in the permanent collection of 17 museums around the world.

Edit: Gretsch-Talk is protecting our delicate sensibilities by censoring the P word in this post. Ha.
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