Slotted bridge base for White Falcon?

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    Nov 17, 2017
    So, long story short I found some '66 Trons and installed them in a '16 White Falcon on which I'm currently using an ABM 2400G; while it's a great bridge I feel like I'm losing sustain with it on this particular instrument.

    The reason I ended up with the ABM was because there was some anomalous issue with intonation on my WF that had previously made using a bar bridge just too out of tune to be functional and the WF is pinned.

    I'd like to reapproach the instrument using either a bridge with slots in the base for tweaking position, something I hadn't considered or seen before (see pic), or unpinning the bridge, thereby untethering myself from its restrictions.

    Where do I find something like this?


    Here's the guitar with this stunningly awesome sounding vintage pup set:

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