Seymour Duncan Psyclones

Chris Lamping

May 28, 2016
Hey All-- Does anyone have experience with... (here comes the bender)... Seymour Duncan Psyclones? (not the 'Hot' ones or the humbucker size). I have a line on a set for not too much more than a set of HS Filtertrons (TV Jones are going to be out of my price range and the SD's would be normally, too).

When I was researching Dynasonics for my other hollowbody, the Duncans got marks for being 'ruder,' more 50's correct than either the TVJ or Gretsch versions, and Billy Zoom chose them for his signature Jet for that reason. For as much info as I could find on those, I find very little on the Duncan version of the Filtertrons, which seems odd. I guess it could be that because Duncans and TVJ are priced about the same, Duncans are newer, TVJ are well known already, people just go with them over a relative unknown (even though SD isn't exactly obscure or poorly thought of). Still, someone must have taken the plunge.

What am I looking for? Why a pre-Baldwin Filtertron sound!, and I'm trying to figure out if the SD's will get me there more than the HS Filtertrons or if they go in a different direction... the specs say the bridge version is wound hotter than vintage, but it doesn't appear to be that much hotter (5.3 vs. 4.8ish if I remember correctly).

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


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Aug 17, 2021
Philadelphia, PA
I can't speak to the FT-sized Psyclones, but the humbucker-sized ones are some of my favorites. I have a set in a Westerley Guild Bluesbird (someone had stripped it of its original pickups) and even paired a single one with a S-D Phat Cat in an old Epi LP Special I had lying about.

Guild BB.jpg

The Bluesbird is hollow like a Jet (well, almost) so sound-wise, it now sits right between my '59 Jet and '89VS re-issue (which has TV Jones Classics in it). If I could put a Bigsby on this guitar, it might even become my number 1...

If you can get a pair for the price of HS FT's, I say go for it!


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Sep 12, 2014
Firenze, Italy
I’ve had the humbucker sized Psyclones on my 5220.
Can’t say nothing bad about them, they sounded pretty similar to original FT in a friend’s Duo Jet PE, especially if you turn the master volume a tiny bit down.
They’re probably more hot compared to FT or TVJ, but that suited me as I could turn the volume a little down and have the same results in terms of crunchy tone.
Definitely a nice alternative FT sounding pickups on the market and they’re a straight in installation without the need of new rings or anything:

Chris Lamping

May 28, 2016
Thanks much-- I went ahead and ordered them. I figured I'm probably not going to come across them again at that price. Now to get a guitar with gold hardware to put them in...cart before the horse, I guess. When that happens, it will be my first Filtertron experience.

Still interested in people's thoughts on the SD Psyclones vs other versions if they want to keep going on this topic.

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Jul 25, 2009
Sandy Eggo
I had a bridge Psyclone and while it had that filter twang, it wants to be a humbucker since its hot. I didnt stay with it. Im still more a fan of the Powertron+ but Seymour makes wonder pickups handsdown.


Mar 18, 2023
Boston, MA
I have a D'Angelico 335 style guitar with these pickups in it and I don't particularly like them. I seem to only like the sound from them in a very narrow range of EQ. I think they are just too hot for my taste.