Santa Cruz police recover $225,000 in stolen vintage guitars, including Gretsch

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    Nice to read some good news, for a change.

    Recovered guitars included:

    • 1958 Gretsch Country Club.

    • 1957 Gretsch Country Club.

    • 1960 Gretsch Chet Atkins.


    Santa Cruz police recover $225,000 in stolen vintage guitars
    Local police investigators played a role this week in recovering several stolen vintage guitars, part of a nearly year-old $2 million Southern California heist.
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    Trusting nearly a quarter million dollars of gear to a $10 Master lock in a storage locker you aren't near doesn't make a lot of sense. Was the gear insured? Is there list of serial numbers? Is it climate controlled? Incredibly lucky he got it back. Trust no one.
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    Ok, I understand why my Door Dash heist was not a priority for my local Santa Cruz PD....I forgive them..:D
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    MUST SEE VIDEO Watch this interview with the owner of the guitars Robby Z a real pro musician. It was done before the police found most of his guitars,
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    His collection of custom color Fender offsets is/was mind boggling. Hope he gets them back.
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