RIP Norm MacDonald

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    What a bummer. As has been said, a totally unique talent, and easily one of my favorite comics. If you can handle his rambling style (and a couple of incidental curse words), this 12 minute opus on manipulative crime reporting and rumination on planning a murder might be my all-time favorite joke (or, really, shaggy dog story, to borrow drmilktruck's term).
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    Also, if you have Netflix, you have to check out "Norm MacDonald Has a Show". Best interview show ever, and every bit as esoteric as you would expect from him.
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    Rest In Peace, Norm! Thank you so much for so many laughs and good times!
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    I was listening to this bit earlier today and was marveling how the audience and I were laughing about a serial killer committing his crime.
    "There's no river that doesn't contain a bend."
    "Where I do that thing that makes me feel like a god."

    Norm was the master of the 5 minute story/ joke. The joke is on us of course as there really isn't a punch line. The humor comes from the detailed telling and the setting up of expectations. The Moth Joke I posted earlier is a classic of the form. Conan and Letterman are perfect foils for him.

    More of them:

    The name of the hero changes during the telling!

    Do you own a dog?

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    Here he talks about the way he views living and dying with cancer.

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    Apr 9, 2014
    It's a great joke. Here is a similar one but maybe longer and less funny.

    One morning a man gets up, brushes his teeth, takes a shower, shaves, drinks coffee and prepares breakfast. He goes to the front door and just before he opens it, there is a THUD! against the door. He suspects it is his paper but it seems to be a rather loud and strong impact. He carefully opens the door and, instead of his usual newspaper, there is a brick on his porch. He looks up and around and doesn't see where the brick might have came from. He shrugs, is disappointed that his paper isn't there and tosses the brick to the side of the porch and finishes his morning routine before going to work

    The next morning, the man wakes up, brushes his teeth, takes a shower, shaves, drinks coffee and, as he is preparing his breakfast hears a THUD against his front door. He opens the door and again finds a brick on his front porch and, again, no indication or where it might have come from. Also, his newspaper is not there. He tosses the brick out into the street in annoyance and proceeds with his day.

    The next day the man wakes up, brushes his teeth, but while he is showering and shaving, again hears a loud THUD, seemingly to come from the front door. He opens the door and is not surprised to see a brick instead of the newspaper he has not been able to read for a couple days, and no clue as to where the brick came from or why it keeps showing up. He is getting rather frustrated and throws the brick down the street, and continued with the day.

    The next day the man is suddenly awoken just before his alarm with a very loud THUD! that seems to shake the house. Now he us angry, storms to the front door yanks it open and glowers at that same frigging brick sitting on his porch. Now he is really angry as he has been abruptly woken and there is still no newspaper. He picks up the brick and with a primal scream of rage throws it in the air with all his might. Breathing heavily he watches the brick rise in the air, slowly disappearing from sight, his rage so great that he can't even see the brick come back down.
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    On Family Guy, when Norm was the voice of the Grim Reaper..

    Peter Griffin, staring at the bony white finger poking him in the chest: "Are you death?"
    Death, voice dripping with sarcasm: "No, I'm Calista Flockhart".

    No one else could have made that hilarious.
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    10 year battle? That's horrible. (Mine was about 3, knock on wood).

    Rest in peace.
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    May 17, 2009
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    He also was on Fairly Oddparents as Norm the Genie:

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