Reveling in my Streamliner G2622.

Discussion in 'New Member Intros' started by fa57, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. fa57

    fa57 Electromatic

    Jul 26, 2020
    My first Gretsch, a G2622. Very happy with it.
    Already thinking to get a G2622T in gunmetal. But hesitant as hear a lot of complaints about tuning stability and difficulties to change strings. Any videos to help with both things?
    IMG_20200620_134112.jpg IMG_20200620_134112.jpg
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  2. Cdb1961

    Cdb1961 Electromatic

    May 5, 2018
    Orange Park, Fl
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  3. Trash Kidd

    Trash Kidd Country Gent

    Dec 14, 2015
    London U.K.
  4. sgarnett

    sgarnett Gretschie

    Apr 14, 2020
    The main source of tuning issues for the 2xxxT models (along with almost every other guitar ever made) is the nut. You don’t need to replace it though; a little time with a set of nut files (or a skilled tech, ie not just whoever is free at Guitar Center) can work wonders.

    The Bigsby does work better for vibrato and bends than for Strat-like dive bombs, but it can certainly do those when set up right.

    The tuneomatic bridge used in Streamliners is not great. I’m not knocking TOMs in general, but the one used on the 2xxx is mediocre. You can certainly make it work, but I chose to upgrade it. With that said, a little file work on the saddle slots can make a TOM play much nicer with the Bigsby.

    IMHO, changing strings on a Bigsby is no more difficult than changing strings on an acoustic (or even a Strat that still has the trem cover), and only slightly more difficult than changing them with a fixed tailpiece. It is easier to change them one at a time, but you can do all at once if you turn the handle toward the tail, and put a wine cork under it.
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  5. JT19

    JT19 Gretschie

    Nov 28, 2009
    Atlanta, GA
    Very pretty! Congrats, and welcome!
  6. JeffreyLeePierre

    JeffreyLeePierre Country Gent

    Congratulations on your new G2622 and welcome to Gretsch-Talk :)

    Thinking of another one when you've just received your first Gretsch is rather common -unfortunately or not. You're absolutely right to think you need one with a Bigsby: that's the real thing.
    There's something strange with tuning stability of the Streamliners: it ofyen affects the G string. But as mentioned earlier, some work (or change) the nut is an easy fix. Many other threads here provide all details.
  7. Stefan87

    Stefan87 Synchromatic

    May 20, 2019
    Brisbane, Australia
    Congratulations, glad you love your new guitar and the gun metal looks awesome in the streamliners.
  8. audept

    audept Senior Gretsch-Talker

    Dec 1, 2010
    Sydney, Australia
    Welcome to the forum, fa57!
    welcome mat 120.jpg
  9. Jelly Roll Horton

    Jelly Roll Horton Country Gent

    Nov 10, 2017
    Portland, OR
    The 2622 was my first Gretsch. Then two more followed. It happens. :)
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  10. GlenP

    GlenP Country Gent

    Jul 23, 2019
    Gretsches and Bigbsys go great together, except maybe on a 12 string...
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  11. Randy99CL

    Randy99CL Synchromatic

    Feb 17, 2020

    I didn't know much about them when I ordered my G2622WS and was amazed by how great they are!
    I look at the G2622 as an ES335 clone, great for rock and blues and many other styles of music.

    I wanted to buy another but not duplicate the first so I got the G2622T P-90. These P-90s have the great classic sound so this one really rocks! Sounds much different from the BT-2s (humbuckers) in the other.
    I love them both!
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  12. bhatta

    bhatta Gretschie

    Jun 29, 2020
    Welcome to the G-T family!

    Let me assure you, you are not the only one looking at another after their first :)
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  13. Footsore

    Footsore Electromatic

    Nov 29, 2019
    I just got one exactly the same as you and yes they are great! I keep looking at the Gretsch catalogue too.
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  14. Dana Rudd

    Dana Rudd Synchromatic

    Nov 26, 2019
    Greybull, WY
    Welcome to G-T. Nice looking guitar, enjoy it.
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  15. thunder58

    thunder58 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
    Admin Post
    Beautiful guitar @fa57 . Welcome to the forum my Jersey neighbor . I'm right at the very very end of the GS Parkway all the way north .
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  16. fa57

    fa57 Electromatic

    Jul 26, 2020
    Thanks for your response. Being not that experienced and knowledgable I do not understand everything but still. I wish there was a video forum here also where members could help each other by showing things.
  17. fa57

    fa57 Electromatic

    Jul 26, 2020
    I'm a bit under you :)
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  18. fa57

    fa57 Electromatic

    Jul 26, 2020
  19. fa57

    fa57 Electromatic

    Jul 26, 2020
    Thank you.
  20. fa57

    fa57 Electromatic

    Jul 26, 2020
    Thank you.
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