Replacing Teisco Bigsby with actual Bigsby...


Country Gent
Jul 18, 2016
Sydney, Australia
Could you help me work out how to do this?

It's a thin line hollow body. It was identified as a Teisco by a member at the TDPRI some years back.

To replace with a Bigsby, what factors do I need to be aware of? Neck Radius? Nut Width? Scale length?

It has Gretsch style pickups - they're not gretsches - I think they're copies of Dynas? (the single coils - they look like Filtertron's but not Humbuckers.) The pickups might need replacing - I have to fix the jack first.

I'll post a photo or two as soon as I can.

Is it worth it?

Thanks in advance


I Bleed Orange
May 10, 2015
You may be able to just change the handle to a Bigsby, but to answer your question, radius, scale length and whatnot dont come into play when selecting a Bigsby, main concerns are, archtop or flat, is there room for it behind the bridge, is the bridge tall enough for a non tension bar model or does it need one? B3,B6 are non tension short and long models, B5, B7 are tension bar models with the B5 for a flat top and the B7 for archtop.


Country Gent
Jul 18, 2016
Sydney, Australia
It’s been years. As far as I can remember ‘clean’ and ‘crisp’ would not be accurate descriptors. But I played it when I was just starting out through a crappy amp I can’t even remember and knew nothing about getting good tone. So I don’t really know.


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Feb 13, 2012
@dlew919 : I'm sure that you may find the missing original part... These guitars were generic, as their vibrato, and offered in multiple Japanese import brands.


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