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  1. Jerry_NJ

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    Apr 20, 2017
    My Gretsch Chet Atkins serial number is G127515 > December 1967 and I believe it is a G6119 Model. I see pick guards in several places (Ebay, Amazon..) for the G6120 and it looks like it will fit, but absent any measurements in the adds I have no way of knowing if it will fit. Advice on what to order and other model numbers if more than G6119 will fit.

    My guitar is in good condition and has not been played to any extent in over 30 years. I purchased it second hand in about 1980. The strings were replace about a year ago and it tuned up okay. It remains mostly unused but my interest has returned to playing some guitar and I'd like the Gretsch to have the protection of a pick guard before I make any regular use of it.
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    Welcome, and wow! cool story! Please post some pics of your Gretsch.

    Since it's a 60's Gretsch, finding a reproduction off-the-shelf pickguard may be tricky due to variations in measurements, models, etc. I have used successfully, though some people here have had issues over the last year or so. A sign maker named Paul Setzer (no relation to Brian) makes custom pick guards, but requires specific measurements (to avoid returns). I learned recently Paul can make a repro pickguard that has not been notched for the pickups. You then get a local fellow to do it. Beware Paul is a very busy guy.

    Also, a shop like Black Rider may have just the vintage guard you're looking for.

    Do you have the bracket? That may be a challenge. Vintage brackets are not exactly the same as modern ones. For one thing, they take just one screw.
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  3. Jerry_NJ

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    Apr 20, 2017
    DaddyDog, thanks. when I purchased the Gretsch it had a pick guard but it was cracked. I took it off, saving the mounting bracket (without looking) I recall it has one screw to the guitar body and a slot on the part that the guard sits on, it being attached with one bolt. In the long time on the shelf, in its case, the guard disappeared. My fault, no doubt.

    I am not specifically trying to restore, more to just make it more whole. But, as I am not planning to do any heavy metal work the pick guard may not really be needed ... I'll not damage the finish. I'm more inclined to an acoustic and in the Jam I participate in once a week, only acoustics are allowed. No amplifiers on the acoustics either.

    I didn't get an email notice of your reply, but in this reply I used "more options" and clicked to follow this thread with email notification. I'll look to see if I can set it as my standard in my profile. Also, I didn't see anything in the "more options" that provided for me to import a picture. I'll look in to that too, and assume this forum has the usual facilities, including allowing Icons along with name/handle.
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    Apr 9, 2014
    You could use some cardboard or other material and make something showing where the pickups and screwhole and then send it in to Paul Setzer and Mike at
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    Welcome to the forum
  6. A 1967 Tennessean that you are only the second owner, and it sounds like it is in mint condition (?) . . . and not played for over three decades - in New Jersey seasons and maybe near coast/coastal salty air (?) too.

    How was it stored for those decades (?)

    So, anything special for storage to learn another angle to - yeah - a very cool story (?)

    Good luck with the vintage pickguard of course . . .
    fwiw, Mr. Quick is in Florida, business is open, with
    about a four week lead time - what an impressive selection for modding experiments.

    Again, best of luck . . . and oh, yeah - "Welcome to posting" on G-T forums.
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