Real or fake? G6120N


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Feb 11, 2013
Tartanphantom has a great eye for details and is a wealth of knowledge. That explains why the headstock serial number is not centered above "Made In Japan" like it should.


Oct 19, 2012
Pacific Northwest
I bet it's one of the defective ones that got worked on.

I owned one of these when they first appeared (early 2000??), purchased at Guitar Center in downtown Seattle. Center block, tension bar Bigsby, damn near 11lbs, and a horrific piece of crap. I agree that this is probably a refurb, as that variation had a very big issue with quickly developing a neck/fretboard hump where the neck joined the body. It was actually a topic of discussion on some online guitar chatroom I was on. When I returned mine I was told both of the others they sold were returned for the exact same neck issue. Shortly after that big neck issue came to light that model kinda up and disappeared, then reappeared with different construction/Bigsby, then disappeared again.

Not sure if any of that helps the discussion or not, but I do know from firsthand experience that particular variation did have a fairly common issue with neck humps.

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