Rancher pick guard question.

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  1. Hi all. I have the 12 string white falcon rancher bling machine. Below are photos of the pick guard i took off. I don't know much about these, and even with my $5 dollar Walgreens reading glass’s, i cant tell what i am trying to figure out. Are these made clear, and have the bottom spray painted to look gold, or is it a gold piece of plastic all the way through.

    My goal is another pick guard with a photo under neath it. If i can sand off the finish on the bottom, will my photo come through, or do i need to buy a “custom one”, but for this guitar and my other rancher G5034tft, i don't want to spend custom money. The other rancher could use a black pickgaurd, or better, a black one with one of the photos i choose, but i am not finding any on line at a cheap price.

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  2. Almost have a piece of sand paper ready,,,,,,,
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    I've never taken a close look at a Rancher, but if their pickguards are like other Gretsch guards, they're clear acrylic with gold sprayed on the back.

    I wouldn't use sandpaper, though. You'll scratch the acrylic. If you know how to use a table router, you can buy a sheet of clear acrylic and use the existing pickguard as a template to cut a new one. Or if you're handy with Inkscape or Illustrator, you can scan your pickguard and order a new laser-cut guard from ponoko.com for very little money. I've made a couple of pickguards that way.
  4. Thanks! Don’t have a router. I do have some heavy scissors.
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    if you take sandpaper to that pickguard you'll get the paint off but you'll also have the transparency of wax paper when youre finished :) Then you'l have the long haul task of slowly moving to finer and finer gauges of sandpaper until youre at 1400, etc plus I dont think its cast acrylic, rather its extruded and that gets weird with heat and warps.
    you need a replication made if you want a photo or print to show clearly from beneath.
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  6. Thanks. Guess it’s time to cough up the dough.
  7. I’m going to lowes later today. I will purchase a coping saw and a sheet or 2 of clear acrylic . Will see if i can trace the pick gaurd and cut one out by hand. If i dont destroy the plastic, light hand sand the edges. If it works, i can make one for under 20, with the ability to make others. If it dont, you will probably hear the cussing from where your at.
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  8. So,,,,,,,, coping saws , i am simply not coping with it. The acrylic i got was .08. Thinner than the current pickgaurd, but it would work. Coping saw cracked it. Couldn’t cut it with a razor knife. Jig saw did a little better, but easily can crack it as well. I eventually got one that was similar in shape to what i traced, but looked like i did it in a hurricane. So i am ordering a little thicker acrylic, clear and black. Should be here in a few days. Gives me time to cool down. So far i am still below the lowest price i was quoted for a custom pickgaurd.
  9. Somewhat success. And by success i mean i did cut a finger off. I ordered a Drexel saw from amazon. Once i got the blade in, and did a practice cut, things went a lot easier. Although I traced it accurately, this being my first cut, its not exact. But i know i can get closer the next time. Hardest part was getting the holes wider at the top to flush mount the screws. Wont tell you how i did that as its not up to luthier code. My wife does not care for the photo of her i put in there and i will probably find another thats larger anyway. But at least i know i can cut one and make my own designs. It has a goldfish edge due to a glitter paint pen my wife had for crafts.

    Next i get rid of the brownish one that comes with the G5034tft. That will probably be black, or i may make a two piece thin clear and add a photo in that as well.

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    Congratulations on your guitar. I have the 12 String Rancher Falcon acoustic and I love the thing to absolute death.

    I have never removed my pickguard, but that effect is one of the first things I've noticed. It is almost certainly a clear piece of plexi with the bottom painted.
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