PSA: nice looking historic 3161 cat eye on ebay

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Feb 10, 2010
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This forum notwithstanding, “cats eyes” may not be as popular as we think.
Before I saw my first Historic I associated them very much with godawful ‘60s east-european copies of German Hopf and Hofners.
Gretsch has made Cat's Eyes in the past. Truly unique.
As we all know, everything sounds better with Cat's Eyes!


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May 11, 2017
Weren't money tight atm ... and weren't I in europe (or is it there? Haven't even looked, cos reason stated just a sentence ago...), I'd be interested and maybe even keep it non-vibrato, at least for a while anyway.

But ... money is tight at the moment, the last thing I need is any additional cost ... my request of getting paid-out some overtime got lost, so my overtime sits around on my time account another month unused, ... damned ...

Anyway, these are truly nice guitars, seem to sound fine from what I know and would be just the right one to fit in my current pack, but ...

... money is tight. Never get parents if you wanna enjoy your wages, hahahaha ... ....... somehow true, somehow ... at least, I have something with cat's eyes who makes money even tighter, but is worth each and every penny that was spent on cat food not nice enough for that diva'ish bite'n'scratch I somehow stumbled into adopting a year ago in three days.

I lov cat's eye soundholes, as they're a truly unique look, and just seem so organic ... although not that cateye-like, though, compared to a real cat's eyes, or, more accurate, the hole in the fur to allow the eyes to work as optical sensory equippery...

Very seldom, these show up in europe at all ... seems like they haven't sold that many over here. Which I don't get, as I kinda remember they weren't that expensive new, but a true and legitimate Gretsch among their classics, while less iconic than 6120 or Falcons, ...

... and the floating bridge is a bonus in my book, over a screwed-in one at least. If there isn't something off here, that I am unaware of, I don't get this sticking for months in a row ... if 599 is asked for, some 400...500 might very well be accepted, and in good shape, I don't see these not worth that.


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Nov 21, 2008
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The G3161 was the first Gretsch I ever owned bought it new around 2008 for $400.00. This is a hollowbody with minimal wiring. My very first mod I ever did. I totally upgraded to regular Gretsch wiring TV Jones pin striped looked cool sounded meh almost turned me off of Gretsch. Just a cheap Korean lowest of the line at the time hollowbody. I did have fun doing the mods. I wouldn't give you $250.00 for that guitar shipped. When for under $800.00 new and $500.00 used you can buy a very very nice Gretsch Elecromatic series. I was smitten by the cats eyes for period of time . I have owned these "Historics" all I modded with at least a Bigsby G3900, G3141, G3155 and I would buy then again but never the G3161 Hollow.


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Jun 13, 2011
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I have a 3161 and find it to be a lovely guitar. I prefer the simple volume/tone setup since I am a Tele lover.

I put TV Jones pickups in it and a Bigsby. As a full hollow, I love the resonance.

Different strokes for different folks.


Mar 6, 2012
Camarillo, Ca.
I prefer the simple volume/tone setup since I am a Tele lover.

As a full hollow, I love the resonance.

Mine had the 3rd vol added when I got it. Then I added a master vol. Often though I ponder converting it back to 2 knobs only.
And mine gets the loveliest feedback ( in a good way) at stage volumes with the resonance you mentioned. Bonus: bigsbys DO stay in
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Aug 5, 2010
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Those are circa '08, NOS First Act "K90" pickups, humbucker-sized P-90 style single coils with Alnico magnets and custom chrome housing, MIC (most likely by Artec) as per Kent Armstrong's design specs for the Custom Shop's "Delia LS" model, Jim, thanks for your interest; I had the pickups modded to not be hum-canceling when both selected; more info on all the mods made to that guitar can be found at: Basically, I wanted to turn this particular G3161 into a single-cut Epiphone Casino -- and it worked!
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