Powerful covers - love the song and the review - The Sound of Silence

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    I remember about 10 years back thinking of doing an acoustic cover of the Outkast tune "Hey Ya". Then I found this guys vid and took a pass because his voice is just so smooth and he nails it so well. And there are alot of lyrics to learn.

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  2. audept

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    "Thunderstruck" by The Steve'n'Seagulls:
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    Yeah, "Streets of Fire". I'm old. Sad thing is, I own a DCD of the movie. All the cop cars are 1950 Studebaker Champs, and yes, it has some great tunes. Walter Hill's rock and roll fable.
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    Speaking of Sioxsie,
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    Such a classic, thanks!
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    Yep, I know a guy who was out in California back a fair few decades ago and while hanging in a club someone wandered in and started singing this song. Turns out it was the guy from the righteous brothers. I always thought that was pretty cool. But until recently I had no idea how old the song was or how many versions that had been recorded.
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