Post your favorite Black Fridays deals!


I Bleed Orange
May 17, 2009
Plymouth, MN
GC has 15% off “everything,” although the usual restrictions apply. There is something at my local shop that's even a better deal than the Guitar-a-Thon.


Senior Gretsch-Talker
Nov 13, 2009
Monkey Island
Thomann Germany has Cyberweek with lots of items discounted. I think they’re stalking Jim.

G5232T in Midnight Blue is 14% off so €498 instead of €577.

Also a Harley Benton LP DC Jr. in Benton blue(like a bright Daphne) with a FAT neck. €150 instead of 200.


Oct 18, 2015
New pair of black jeans at half the usual price. Same Brand, same size, same colour as always:


Country Gent
Feb 16, 2013
I just got that too. First piece of mail from them in years. They must be getting desperate! :rolleyes:
I haven’t received anything from them for a long time either - and used to get their mailings regularly. Seems kind of odd as I’ve made several purchases from GC within the past couple of years (although maybe buying used gear from their website puts me in a different demographic category).


Oct 31, 2021
GC has 15% off “everything,” although the usual restrictions apply. There is something at my local shop that's even a better deal than the Guitar-a-Thon.

Oh, you mean this small list of exclusions for their “Biggest Sale of the Year”? Aren’t they embarrassed to post this?

Exclusions and limitations: Not to be used in conjunction with other coupons, promotions or offers. No cash value. Excludes discounted and clearance items, price matches, used/vintage, tax/shipping charges, scratch and dent, Gift Cards and musician services (Pro Coverage, Repairs, Rentals and Lessons).

Products from the following manufacturers are excluded: A Designs, ADAM, ADAM Audio, Aguilar, Allen & Heath, Alvarez, Ampeg, Antelope Audio, Apogee, Apple, Arturia, Ashdown, Ashly Audio, Avantone, Avid, B.C. Rich, BAE, Barefoot Sound, Beetronics FX, Blackstar, Bogner, Bose, BOSS, Burl Audio, Caparison Guitars, Catalinbread, Chapman, Crate, Cusack Music, D'Angelico, D.W. Fearn, Danelectro, Dangerous Music, Dean Markley, Deering, Diezel, Duesenberg USA, EarthQuaker Devices, Earthworks, Egnater, Electro-Harmonix, elysia, Empress Effects, Epiphone, Ernie Ball Music Man, EVH, Fender, Fender Custom Shop, FOCAL, Focusrite, Fostex, Friedman, Fulltone, Fulltone Custom Shop, G&L, Gallien-Krueger, Gibraltar, Gibson, Gibson Custom, Godin, Golden Age Project, GoPro, Gretsch Drums, Hagstrom, HeadRush, Heritage Audio, iConnectivity, ISP Technologies, iZotope, JHS Pedals, Johnson, Kat Percussion, Keeley, Kemper, KORG, Kramer, Kurzweil, Kush Audio, LaChapell Audio, Lag Guitars, Lakland, Lewitt Audio Microphones, Lindell Audio, Lucida, Mackie, Manley, Marshall, Martin, Meris, Mesa Boogie, METRIC HALO, Millennia, Milkman Sound, Mojave Audio, Moog, Morgan Amplification, MOTU, Native Instruments, Neumann, Nord, Novation, Orange Amplifiers, Paiste, Pettyjohn Electronics, Phoenix Audio, Pigtronix, Pioneer DJ, Primacoustic, PRS, Palatino, QSC, Radial Engineering, Randall, Rane DJ, Reloop, Reverend, RME, Rockett Pedals, Roland, Roland Cloud, Royer, Ruach Music, S.E. Shires, Savannah, sE Electronics, Seagull, Sennheiser, Sequential, Serato, Shure, Slate Digital, Slate Pro Audio, Slate Media Technology, Softube, Soldano, Soundbrenner, Source Audio, Snark, Spector, Squier, Steinberger, Steven Slate Audio, Steven Slate Drums, Strandberg, Studiologic, Suhr, Supro, Suzuki, Synergy, Taylor, Teenage Engineering, TELEFUNKEN, Teletronix, The Loar, Toft Audio Designs, Tone King, Tube-Tech, Two Notes Audio Engineering, VHT, Voodoo Lab, VOX, Walrus Audio, Wampler, Warm Audio, Washburn, WESTONE, Xotic Effects, Yamaha, ZT, ZVEX.


Country Gent
Mar 4, 2021
Well I did find a great Black Friday deal. Saved a good amount on a the new GoPro 10 camera bundle. I’m giving my GoPro 7 to a buddy today as he heads up North for a year or so.

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